My 10 year old daughter has begun sleepwalking recently. She always talks in her sleep. I looked it up online, and only found basic information, i.e. the fact that it usually isn’t dangerous in itself, it is usually outgrown and such. I was wondering if anyone has any other pertinent facts to add. I also would like to know if anyone else has dealt with this and was it outgrown? Did you have to see a doctor? Any recommendations?

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

I sleptwalked (?) when I was very little(3-5), and my folks had to “babyproof” . You see, I didnt just walk, I got a drink, walked around…etc.
You need to be careful she doesny get outside, try hooking a bell to her door at night so you hear if she gets up…watch out for stairs, dont keep glass glasses where she can get them ie: bathroom(found that one out firsthand!)

If she just started this…maybe she is worried/anxious about something…the people I have known that walked/talked in their sleep always got worse when under stress.

Please make sure she cant get down the stairs (if you have 'em) or outside, watch the kitchen too…people walking in their sleep often act out thing they doo awake- make toast etc. keep us posted ( no pun intended there).
Good Luck

Putting a bell on her door is a great idea!Thanks. I can’t put a gate over the stairs because we live in a tri-level with wood railings, (believe me I tried a number of gates when the kids were babies)all the stairwell walls are open for an airy feeling. My biggest worry is the fact she keeps her room a pigsty. I’m afraid shes going to trip and break a bone. I clean her room and two days later…

When I was younger I used to yell in my sleep. My mum said it sounded like I was being murdered. My neighbor heard it once. I wonder if I still do that??? I never would wake myself up?

I used to sleep walk and talk and even carry on full conversations in my sleep with someone. Crazy huh? I stopped for years, but I have noticed if I am VERY tired or VERY stressed out I will start to do this again.