Sleuth Noir--tried this game at all?

Sleuth is a detective/murder mystery game with a sort of film noir atmosphere.

I’ve been playing it for a few days, and despite not being a fan of the whole murder mystery genre, I’m addicted. I think it’s because a big part of the game is logic and strategy. For instance, asking the suspects the right questions before they clam up and won’t answer any more, figuring out which new skill you want to learn from the rarely-gained skill points, or deciding whether to sell your gold turban (which makes you smarter) or your beret (which makes you more charming) because you are only allowed to wear one hat!

Have any of you tried this game? I can imagine a detective agency (yes, you can form agencies) comprising SDMB members would be very successful at solving crimes and finding treasures.

One pitful thus far is that the FAQs are somewhat inadequate, although the message boards there seem to have answered a lot of questions I had.

If you’re curious, you can do three or four (not sure) free cases a day. It’s so enjoyable, I had to share.

And, uhm, crap, I meant to post this in Cafe Society. Sorry.

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Cajun Man
for the SDMB

I’ven’t, but it looks like fun! I just created an account, and I’ll have some time to play on this extended weekend.

Umm. Hmmm. There was a shareware/freeware ASCII game of the early 80’s by the title Sleuth that fits this description. Now, when I have more time, I may log in and give this a whirl, but… I wonder if it’s from the same people? Or a ripoff?

I still play the ASCII one from time to time…