Slick phishing attempt:

So, WTF is an EPPICard?

EPPIcard is a payment system used by lots of companies and state governments. That is how my wife was paid by her last job, she was given what looked like a debit card and every two week her pay was added to her “account” and she could use the EPPIcard just like a debit card. Google EPPIcard and half the results are about scams involving the card. The common theme to all the scam sites it that EPPIcard does not use email to tell folks their account might be suspended.

EPPICard is a Visa Debit card that is used by send out child support payment.

Apparently, they’re a popular phishing venue

I’m guessing single moms who never graduated high school but who have a government issued credit card are an easy catch

Why can’t these people be bothered to proofread their work? Even if they’re using English as a second language, you’d think they’d take steps to make sure their attempts to defraud people are grammatically correct. This is an embarrassment.

Yeah! And that guy who mugged me last week used such atrocious grammar that I had half a mind not to give him my money!

Thanks, folks. I didn’t even see the typo. (Error Code ID10T)

The following are actual emails from my “Ha-ha!” file. I got a million of 'em. (Note: I have altered or broken any links below to protect the idiots.)

Dear PayPal ® customer,

We recently reviewed your account, and we suspect an unauthorized transaction on your account. Protecting your account is our primary concern. As a preventive measure we have temporary limited your access to sensitive information.
Paypal features.To ensure that your account is not compromised, simply hit “Resolution Center” to confirm your identity as member of Paypal.

Login to your Paypal with your Paypal username and password.
Confirm your identity as a card member of Paypal.

Please confirm account information by clicking here Resolution Center and complete the “Steps to Remove Limitations.”

Dear Customer,
You’ve been selected to take part in our quick and easy 9 questions survey.
In return we will credit $100.00 to your account - Just for your time!

Please spare two minutes of your time and take part in our online survey
so we can improve our services.
To participate in this survey click here.

Don’t miss this chance to change something.

© Copyright © 2008 Forward Financial Credit Union.

Dear Bank Of America customer,

Protecting the security of our customers and the Bank Of America network , as a preventative measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive account features.

To restore your account access, please take the following steps to ensure that your account has not been compromised:

After updates :

1.Login to your Bank Of America Online Banking account. In case you are not enrolled for Online Banking, you will have to fill in all the required information, including your name and you account number.

  1. Review your recent account history for any unauthorized withdrawals or deposits, and check you account profile to make sure not changes have been made. If ! any unauthorized activity has taken place on you! r accoun t, report this to Bank Of America staff immediately.

To get started, please click the link below:

This alert has been sent to you based on your preferences. If you would like to make any changes to your Online Banking Alerts service, please sign in to Online Banking and visit the Manage Alerts section.
Because your reply will not be transmitted via secure e-mail, the e-mail address that generated this alert will not accept replies. If you would like to contact Bank of America with questions or comments, please sign in to Online Banking and visit the customer service section.

Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender
© 2008 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we
have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $92.50.
Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 6-9 days in order to process it.
A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid
records or applying after the deadline.

To access the form for your tax refund, please click here

Internal Revenue Service.

Dear HSBC bank customer,

We would like to inform you that we are currently carrying out scheduled maintenance.
In order to guarantee the high level of security to our business customers, we require you to complete “Business Internet Banking Form”.
Please complete BIB Form using the link below:

Please do not respond to this e-mail.

Unrecognized charges on your debit or credit card.

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the private PayPal system. During a recent screening, we noticed an issue regarding your account.

You recently reported that a transaction may have been made without your knowledge or consent. Your bank notified us of unauthorized charges to your credit / debit card linked to PayPal account.

We are currently investigating the following transaction:
Case ID Number: PP-342-878-589

We have reason to believe that your account was accessed by a third party. We have limited access to sensitive PayPal account features in case your account has been accessed by an unauthorized third party. We understand that having limited access can be an inconvenience, but protecting your account is our primary concern.

In accordance with PayPal’s User Agreement, your account access will remain limited until the issue has been resolved. Unfortunately, if access to your account remains limited for an extended period of time, it may result in further limitations or eventual account closure. We encourage you to log in to your PayPal account as soon as possible to help avoid this.

This is a reminder to log in to PayPal as soon as possible, be sure to log in securely by clicking the PayPal URL below:

Log-in to your account now

Dear CitiBusiness customer,

CitiBusiness new Scheduled Maintenance Program protects your data from unauthorized access. CitiBusiness Online Form is important addition to our scheduled maintenance program.
Please use the link below to access CitiBusiness Online Form:

Please do not reply to this auto-generated email. Follow instructions above.

Dear Customer,

VISA Debit Cards Security Deartament suspended your account.

Reason: Fraud attempts
To reactivate your account please call the total free number: 818-230-1183

VISA Debit Cards will never solicit you to provide or update personal or financial information.
And, will never send an e-mail containing links to VISA Debit Cards Web sites.

Local: 818-230-1183
Toll Free: +1 818-230-1183

Copyright © 1998-2008 VISA Debit Cards. All rights reserved.

CitizensBank U.S.

Dear Citizens Bank MoneyManager Service user!

Our Maintenance Subdivision is doing a planned Cash Management Software update

By visiting the link below please open the procedure of the customer login verification:

These instructions are to be sent and followed by all clients of the Citizens Bank MoneyManager

Citizens Bank Inc. does apologize for the inconveniences caused, and is very appreciative for your help.

If you are not customer of CitizensBank Cash Management please ignore this notice!

Umm, excuse me? Divorced mom who DID graduate high school here. I also happen to have one of these cards. It’s not a credit card, it’s DEBIT. The child support money goes onto it, rather than mailing out a paper check. (Not that it matters, as he hasn’t paid anything since last August, but that’s neither here nor there.)

I’m not exactly sure what you meant by your comment. Perhaps that there are single, uneducated women who would be more likely to be drawn into this type of scheme? I hope that’s what it was. Otherwise, that’s a pretty low blow.

I am not single, uneducated, or a woman(wtf?). I’m a much bigger mess. And still, I blinked at that email a few times before I got it…

freekalette, in this chunk of our country, there really are a lot 30-year-old grandmothers who can’t read in two languages.

I’m sure TD meant no disrespect.

This is one of the many reasons I prefer to take care of child support myself. I have my employer direct deposit the support money each week into my ex’s HR Block debit account. She does not have to worry about a bank or about not getting the money she needs, I don’t have to worry about missing a payment or being shilled by the gumment for $40 a month and nobody has to worry about fraud or phishing.

Ha ha. My fake IRS promised me a bigger refund than your fake IRS.

susan, that was worth a couple of loud chuckles.

Am I missing something, by the way, or did Musicat leave actual phishy links in the emails she posted? Those should prolly be broken, right?

What’s a deartament? And a total free number? I guess they give you a list of numbers, but don’t tell you what it adds up to.

ordinary citizens coming up with their own government spending policy. No wonder the IRS is sending out mass emails :smiley:

Also, what the heck is “vishing”?

“vishing” is phishing done by voice. Might be an in-person phone call, or a voicemail-based scheme that tries to entice you to call a number and leave a message containing your info.

Yes, you are missing something. :slight_smile:

I like how the “total free number”/toll free number is the exact same (non-toll-free) phone number as the local number.

Wasn’t there an alert a few years ago about 818 numbers? That they go to some country where the phone co. bills Ma Bell (or your local equivalent) five figures for your call, Ma Bell pays up, then you’re on the hook for all that dough to Ma Bell, and nothng can be done 'cause it’s international?

I apologise if my comment gave offence. It wasn’t intended.

Heh. Yes, do not, under any circumstances, call anyone in the San Fernando Valley. I think you’re talking about area code 809.