<slight hijack> declarations

Does it really add anything to declare that your reply is going to be a slight hijack?

Given that it allows the reader an advance warning not to read the post if that reader is <slight hijack> sensitive, but who is it really serving?

I always assumed that a hijack was used to indicate that you wanted a quick answer to something and that you didn’t want too many responses on it.
<hijack>-Is your last name Lamas?

I think it’s done out of respect to the OP, and acknowledgement that the hijacker understands that he/she’s going off-topic. I’ve seen hijacks which go bad, and the subsequent frustration from the OP who tries to bring the thread back on track. So I think a little pre-apology from the hijacker is a good thing.

You are acknowledging that it is “off-the-subject” and you are not trying to steer the thread in that direction. Of course, it might bother some posters, but not as much as a drive-by which is very bothering to almost every poster. What do you think about them?

drive-bys are quite annoying. Especially if they are really inflammatory.

I don’t like 'em too good.

What I freaking hate is when a legitimate side-issue comes up which has direct bearing on the OP, and the creator of the OP comes in waving their hands and complaining about how their precious thread has somehow been “hijacked” from whatever rigid, totalitarian definition they had in their own mind as to the direction of the thread.

It’s troll-like when this happens multiple times in the same thread, too.

There obviously has to be some tolerance for legitimate side-issues that do bear on the OP. But drawing that line is difficult, at times.

I put the above in Italics to indicate it was a hijack and still you took the bait; hook, line and sinker! :rolleyes:

Allow me to be so presumptuous to conclude that the antecedent-less “you” above refers to none other than myself.

Joke’s on you, buddy: “I don’t like 'em too good” is my best imitation of the me I might have been had I never become educated and thus prone for falling for obvious traps.


No problem, except I’d like to say that I did not intend it as a trap. Sorry if you thought that I was trying to whoosh someone.

[ul]:wink: [sup]No hard feelings on this end.[/sup][/ul]

Watch out, kniz! I don’t think Lorenzo is really left-handed!

(raises white flag and surrenders)