Slightly old spuds?

So, there is a baking potato that has been sitting on top of the Microwave since last Thursday. I was thinking of having it when I get home, but I felt it earlier, and it felt a bit… mushy. Sort of.

You know, that way that potatos feel when they are just a bit older than is optimal for cooking.

So what I was wondering was, if I soak it in water, will it plump back up? Is it salvageable, or is it going to be a sub-par baked potato?

Thursday? November? PA? Mine keep for weeks (in the fridge, though).

I have often used old mushy potatoes. It is no big deal if consistency is not the top issue. I would certainly not use it for baking, though. Stews, mashed potatoes, soups are fine. Fries, baking, gnocchi are not.

Hard to do stews with just one potato, though.

The best way to see how it is faring is cutting it and checking for dark or graying areas.

Also, the Spud Master speaks…