(Slightly) TMI question about early sleep paralysis and sex

I get early sleep paralysis a lot. (Links to both the Wiki article and the SD article). No biggie. My question is, though, when I have sex right before bed, I always have this problem, and it’s much much worse. I’ll jerk awake anywhere from 5 to 15 times with this.

Here are some of the reasons from Wiki. This one: 'However, some have suggested that it may be linked to post-synaptic inhibition of motor neurons in the pons region of the brain." I really don’t understand. Any help? And why is it seemingly related to my sex life? Is it because the blood’s racing, or the mind’s active, or maybe because of all the endorphins dumping into my stupid head?

Well, I’ve found that sex can sometimes short-circuit some of the falling-asleep issues I have (restless legs / PLMS) briefly, long enough to make it easier than usual to fall asleep. So my WAG is that it affects the brain’s “falling asleep” mechanism somehow, and this is your personalized manifestation of that.

Never had falling-asleep paralysis, though I had a couple bouts of the waking-up variety when I was an adolescent and they were terrifying. I’d hate like hell to have that associated with something as nice as sex :frowning:

The pons is a part of your brain which may be related to dreaming. Essentially, neurons are inhibited (prevented from firing). Motor (“efferent”) neurons send “movement” signals away from your brain, and the paralysis is caused because your muscles don’t get any “move” signals.

I haven’t had sleep paralysis as far as I can remember, although sometimes I wake up and my entire arm is paralyzed because I slept on it, and there is a 30-60 period of “pins and needles” before I can move it again.

Ok, I understand that. I still don’t see why sex should affect it, though. The human brain is bizarre.

I couldn’t find much research right now for any relationship between sex and paralysis. Most research seems to agree with the causes/correlates in the OP, although one added that it correlates with out of body experiences and hypnotizability. I however wouldn’t be surprised if there was some relationship. Failing to find any real scientific data, the next best cause is to blame it on incubi and succubi.

Heh, if only. I’ll take one incubus, please, thankyouverymuch.