Slimline CD case labelling techniques?

I’ve been trying to figure out a good technique for labelling the spines of Slimline (the very thin type which doesn’t have a separate area for the back label/spine insert) and was hoping to come up with a unified technique for cataloging the cases in my collection. Previously, I’ve used a P-Touch labelmaker (a very old one) to print thermal labels which I’d then cut to a 5mm size to fit the spines of these narrow cases. Trouble is, I rarely cut them straight and certain varieties of the P-Touch labelling tape don’t have decent enough adhesive to firmly stick to the plastic. I have also tried an old Dymo “punch style” white-on-black-tape labeller which has much better adhesive, but it just kinda looks old and outdated, and the letters are too large to make some of the labels I need.

There probably aren’t many options outside of just getting a better thermal labeller, but I was wondering whether anyone here might have a special or unique technique for labelling these narrow Slimline disc cases. Maybe a suggestion on a specific type of labelmaker might help. Anybody?