Slinky outwits squirrels raiding a bird feeder.

Very clever idea. The video of the squirrel trying to climb a slinky is quite funny.

Wish I’d thought of this. It never occurred to me to cover the support pole in a big spring. I’m planning to buy a slinky for my bird feeder this week.

Very nice idea, but it won’t last. One squirrel will pull down the slinky and hold it, the next will climb the tight spring. They do cooperate for such stuff, it might take awhile. Or do like this one, he has several approaches so far. I have faith in squirrels.

Squirrels are very smart.

The slinky stops some of them. But your video shows they can eventually defeat just about any defense.

*“That’s an awful nice bird-feeder you got there, Colonel. Shame if somethin’ happened to it. Things do catch fire now and then, Colonel.”