Slip 'N Slide Makers Sue 'Dickie Roberts',2933,96787,00.html

Say what?


It’s a joke. Just a joke. Does nobody get jokes anymore?

Well, when I first saw the scene on a commercial, I immediately thought of the paralyzation incidents. Adults are not supposed to use this product, only children. Adults, because of our heavier weight and bone structure, have a significant risk of paralyzation that children do not. I saw a video of a guy breaking his neck on one, and I swear it looked just like a kid using it normally, scary stuff.

They’re worried that other adults will be prompted to try a slip n slide by the scene, and people will wind up injured and sue them.

Where does it indicate that it’s a hoax?

I don’t think the lawsuit is a hoax, but that the scene in the movie is meant to be a joke. That’s how I took the comment anyway. Am I incorrect?

Won’t somebody please think of the adults?

No, Lsura’s right.

No you are right, I read it wrong.

I don’t blame the Slip and Slide people. I blame the lawsuit culture that created a SECONDARY lawsuit culture. That is kind of ironic.

So does chequita (sp?) get sued when someone slips on a banana peel?

It’s no joke, I saw the video. Just a guy playing around at a kid’s birthday party (or some such thing). He dives down onto the toy just like the kids, and when he gets to the end of the slide, he’s not moving anymore. He didn’t trip, or slide into a tree, or anything stupid like that, he just let his head get a bit too low when he dove.

Using the product as it was designed to be used, he got horribly injured. That’s why they lost the lawsuit, and that’s why they’re suing now.

I wonder if this is just a way to parlay the free publicity from the movie into more free publicity.

So when in college we just used a 40 ft roll of plastic and waterhoses to make a really big slip ‘n’ slide, we were risking our lives? Who should we sue?

Can automobile manufacturers successfully sue movie producers for showing their products being used improperly, causing the deaths of minor characters and innocent extras?

When will people get it through their skulls that, in spite of propaganda to the contrary, art really does imitate life, most of the time?

“Yay! A movie is showing the sort of stupid behaviour that has led to suits against us in the past. Now when it happens again, we can blame them instead of the our products and the drunken idiots who misuse them!”

I was wondering the same thing.

Smart move by Slip 'N Slide, really. They probably would’ve PAID to have product placement in the movie if they had known about it beforehand. As it is, this lawsuit will guarantee the name “Slip 'N Slide” to remain in the news for at least a couple more cycles.

Of course, they REALLY should’ve sued the filmmakers for opening this movie at the end of September rather than at the beginning of June. Can you imagine the sales of 'Slip ‘N Slides’ if the product had been placed in a summer hit? Still, I’d guess sales will be up around 150% or so after this lawsuit.

There really are too many damn lawyers…

Of course, I meant the end of August…but you get the idea.

Hell, if I manufactured the Slip ‘n’ Slide, I’d sue for my product being used in a David Spade movie period!

Hmm…I think I would call it a meta-lawsuit culture.