SLK in Love

The first few days of a new relationship are always so giddy.

Details? Eat your livers from envy and curiosity, you bastards.
What? That’s from Catch=22, Captain Black.

Illiterate, and no sense of humor.

She has a song, already. It seems to be Placebo, Pure Morning.

My last relationship split up, but didn’t end, to the tune of Johnny Cash’s Hurt.

I’ve mentioned that Holly, (Baby Mama Drama Queen) has Three Doors Down, Kryptonite attached to her memory.
Oh, yeah.

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Will she be the Lizard Queen?

Well, my long distance partner snagged Lizard Queen for a doper name ages ago, but we just discussed it, and she’s fine with the title of Lizard Consort.

Lady Karen of Sonora. Yeah, that works.
Sunspace, Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations. Wishing you both luck and joy together.

Mercedes roadsters can fall in love?

SLK230 roadster

Oh, hell yeah. Running around all cute with my top down, how could I not?

Thank you, Khadaji