Slow news day? Lamest. Story. Ever.

I challenge dopers to come up with a lamer “news” story than this:

Panda Reports 300 percent Surge in Web Site Actions :confused:

The hack who parsed this must have been asleep at the wheel, suffering from an immense hangover, or desperate to hit their quota of stories for the week.

By the time the Rolling Stones began calling themselves the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the late '60s, they had already staked out an impressive claim on the title. As the self-consciously dangerous alternative to the bouncy Merseybeat of the Beatles in the British Invasion, the Stones had pioneered the gritty, hard-driving blues-based rock & roll that came to define hard rock. With his preening machismo and latent maliciousness, Mick Jagger became the prototypical rock frontman, tempering his macho showmanship with a detached, campy irony, while Keith Richards and Brian Jones wrote the blueprint for sinewy, interlocking rhythm guitars. Backed by the strong, yet subtly swinging rhythm section of bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts, the Stones became the breakout band of the British blues scene, eclipsing such contemporaries as the Animals and Them. Over the course of their career, the Stones never really abandoned blues, but as soon as they reached popularity in the U.K., they began experimenting musically, incorporating the British pop of contemporaries like the Beatles, Kinks and Who into their sound. After a brief dalliance with psychedelia, the Stones re-emerged in the late '60s as a jaded, blues-soaked hard rock quintet. The Stones always flirted with the seedy side of rock & roll, but as the hippie dream began to break apart, they exposed and reveled in the new rock culture.

Um… TV Casualty, is that an example of a lame news story? What’s it from? Also, you might want to check out the posting guidelines about copyright infringement (unless you wrote it yourself).

He didn’t write it himself.

Icewolf and jjimm, based on this guy’s other posts, DNFTT! :slight_smile:

TV Casualty, final warning: do NOT post copyrighted works without mentioning the source, and even then, apply the “fair use” policy. Familiarise yourself with the rules of this board. And as I said in another thread by you I just closed: shape the hell up already.

Thanks for th’ heads up, Silentgoldfish. Just providing the source, is all. Ta, though. :slight_smile:

Umm… no.

The headline story in the Courier Mail Saturday was over whether or not Nicole Kidman had cut her hair or was wearing a wig. The Australian covered it too. The SMH gave us instructions on how it was done. We needed diagrams though IMO.

Lame, lame, lame.

Ummmm… as you wish.

LOL… well, there’s an easy deciscion if I ever saw one.

Gawd what a :wally