So, everything was going along nicely, cruising the country roads of life in third gear, keeping the blood pressure down and generally happy, though maybe slightly bored. Nothing much happens for months at a time, and you don’t even notice it building up. Then suddenly, release.

I’ve been off the SDMB for two weeks. In that two weeks, I have:

  • Bought an airplane.

  • Incorporated a business.

  • Set up the infrastructure of another business which will hopefully be incorporated soon.

  • Lived from a suitcase the whole time, never actually getting back home the entire time. (100-mile roundtrip from home to the airport, and didn’t want to spend that much time driving).

  • Worked on being tested in a new airplane, so I could take a paid flight to Florida for a week. (I had to cancel that whole thing, sad to say).

  • Been offered three different pilot jobs, even though I wasn’t really looking right now.

  • Been stuck in the middle of a pissing match. (we all know that the middle is a bad place to be).

  • Spent roughly 12-14 hours a day at the airport, every single one of the last 16 days.

  • Somehow managed to spend 40 hours giving flight and ground instruction to students.

  • Spent another 40ish hours covering the business office of the flight school.

  • Kept my body nutritionally confused by ingesting approximately 47,000 cups of coffee.

So now I am finally home, and trying to relax. Not for long though. I have about 400 miles of driving to do tomorrow, plus more work at the airport. So it appears that I get to keep running around crazy for probably another week.

Sure is nice to get back on the board here though.

Is your buisiness airplan related? an FBO?

Wow, youve done more in 2 weeks than lots of people do in thier whole lives.


The incorporation is for the airplane, (hopefully multiple aircraft before long). Right now, it is on lease to the flight school. There are other plans in the works, but it is mainly set up for tax reasons and to protect personal assets from that end of things. It all fits into the long-term business plans I have been working on. The second incorporation which is in the works is only peripherally related to aviation.

I guess the weird thing is that as of 16 days ago, I had no intention of buying a plane any time soon. But it was one of those rare situations where I had a perfect window of opportunity to buy from a very motivated seller (part of that whole “pissing contest” thing, which is too complicated to bother explaining), and immediately begin earning money on the investment. Sometimes, acting quickly is the only way to go.

hm, thought rotorhead was for helo pilots?

Good luck on your business=)

And welcome back…

[For A Few Dollars More]
Old Local Guy: So you play both ends against the middle?
Clint: Sometimes the middle is a real cool place.

…maybe not in an argument tho. Sorry. I’ll hush now…

With all due respect to Clint, and a little bit extra to boot, the middle of a pissing contest isn’t so fun. All you get is wet and smelly.

And sadly, this was not merely an argument. More of an attempt at a hostile takeover of a company. Thankfully, the bad guy is losing some serious dollars in the process, and I’m in a position to play his game right back at him.

aruvqan, I confess. I have a strong preference toward the rotating wing. Not that I mind the fixed variety.

Oh, and tell us about the plane please.

(can’t beleive I didn’t ask this 1st!)