Slowest day in American sports?

I was listening to sports radio today, and the host said something about today (wednesday, day after all-star game) being the second slowest, non-eventful day in American sports. I’ve always thought that the day after the all-star game had to be it. There are no games in any of the major 4 sports. There was the WNBA all-star game going on, but that was it.

I must have missed what he claimed to be the actual most non-eventful day in sports. Any ideas?

Probably the day before the all-star game. Again, none of the four major sports have anything scheduled.

But the day before the all-star game has the home-run derby. The day after has nothing baseball-related.

At one time, Christmas was a dead day for sports, until the NBA started scheduling a couple of afternoon games.

I think the new, official slowest day for sports is some point shortly after the Super Bowl when the NHL and NBA have traditionally taken the day off.

The NHL and NBA usually play some games everyday during their seasons.

The slowest day in sports is any day there is a baseball game.

Except for a few days around the all-star game, at least in the NHL. The NHL also has stopped for a couple of weeks for the winter olympics.

I guess you missed this then…
AAA All Star Game