Slug's illustration for the light stick column

Once again Slug has baffled me with his arcane interpretation of a light stick in illustration accompanying this column:

Why can’t I revive the “glow light” I bought at a concert?

What is that thing? A glowing dismembered foot? And what is that growing out of the bottom of it?

Footlight? Glowfoot? Toestick? Or is this just another pre-rehab, inscrutable manifestation of Slug’s unique view of the world?

O.T.M., the guy asking the question, described his glowstick as being “about a foot and a half long”. Thus the illustration.

Slug is inscrutable.

Thank you, I was racking my brain trying to work Gordon Lightfoot into the equation!

“Is that a leg?!

No “Fleshlight” references. Be grateful.

I think **SkipMagic **scruted him.
…which is sort of scary, come to think of it.

Why is it that the almighty Uncle Cecil cannot afford a real cartoonist? My dog can draw better than Slug[worth]! - Jinx