Small, Possible Reason Not To Count Your There are No WMD Chickens Before They Hatch

…They may die in their shells from radiation poisoning.
URUSIMS: Unfounded Rumors & Uncorroborated Stories I Must Share

Grumblings from the underground press might throw a whole lot of chlorine and hydrochloric acid on the “Neener-Neener” crowd.

It’s being rumored the Iraqi al-Tuwaitha Nuke Site, a large, state-of-the-art, ultra-secret facility leveled by both Israel & The US, could possibly house weapons grade plutonium.

As initially & exclusively reported in mid-April by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

I’ll be the first to admit this is not much of a story: it’s sketchy at best. What I find interesting is how the story is beginning to crescendo in less mainstream outlets.

According to John Batchelor & Paul Alexander (2 local NY writers/reporters with a more credibility than Art Bell):

  1. Pro-Western Russian intelligence officers warned the Pentagon not to bomb the area just prior to the recent operation or they’d have a “Chernobyl-like situation” on their hands.
  2. Coalition troops still guard part of an underground complex where two field tests have given readings that “shot through the roof”.

Do I believe everything I hear?
No. Especially from such hazy sources.

Do I think everyone should just cool it a while before starting a political circus masquerading as congressional hearings this summer?
Probably, no one’s going to watch them anyway.

I know some Dopers that would stay home from work to watch that. :slight_smile:

I know I’d turn on the TV to hear Bush’s version of “I have no clear recollection of that event, sir”…

P-u-l-e-e-z-e. They’re talk radio personalities who have a conspiracy show on late night radio. Where’s their credibility?

I don’t know if there were or are WMD in Iraq or not. If there were WMD in Iraq it would have been better if they had been located quickly. Enough time has passed now without locating any WMD that the claims by the Bush administration of their existence are being questioned. When and or if they do find some WMD the validity of the find is bound to be questioned.

I think that if even the possibility that the location was the production site of weapons grade plutonium dubya would’ve sent a little memo to CNN… Only a guess, but I’d think that CNN would have a small story on it before they covered Finland’s financial market and before some 3rd rate conspiracy radio talk show hosts got ahold of it.