Small skill that you are better than most people at doing.

I also have a good sense of direction. I’ve never been truly lost before. I also have perfect pitch and can identify any tone by its letter note (my desk fan is at work humming B-flat as I type this). To me it’s as easy as idenifying a color, yet very few people seem to have this ability. This ability also allows me to play songs by ear on various musical instruments.

I can do math in my head, up to adding or subtracting two 3- or even 4-digit numbers, and multiply two 2-digit numbers. Long division in my head is a challenge, but I can usually approximate with this.

I am tremorviolet’s twin - the speed-reading parallel parking expert. It has to be a straight street, and I have to use an exact method, and it just pops into place. I don’t know if I could teach anybody else.

Fluffy novels I can blaze through, I think I sort of skim. Technical manuals annoy me, because I can’t read them that fast, and I get bored. :wink:

I can type really fast and talk to somebody at the same time. It really freaks people out when you’re looking at them and talking to them and pounding out words on your keyboard.

I’m like an arithmetic demigod. From high on Mt. Olympus, I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with alarming speed and accuracy.

Hm. I’m also really good at Tic-Tac-Toe.

Mediocre typist, but a very good speller. I can copy-edit very well - catching those little homonyms that spellcheckers so often miss.

If I’ve paid attention to something, I can recall it with very high accuracy.

Actually, you know what? I’m apparently a computer.

I’m apparently also very handy with improvising novel solutions with unconventional means.

Uhh… hm. I imitate a wide variety of sound effects very well.

Sorry, kinda distracted. Just wondering if my knot-tying ability would be up to the task of keeping Draelin restrained for more than five minutes. :wink:

I read really fast, too. Probably just marginally slower than Anduin.

I type really fast despite never having taken the touch-typing class.

I also have an uncanny knack to remember full songs. I’m no good at singing, which sucks, but if I listen to a song three times I’ve usually gotten 95% of the lyrics down pat.

My short-term memory is unusually sharp. (Long-term is average.)

I have impressive eyebrow dexterity. I can wiggle 'em and jiggle 'em with the best.

I am well-known among my family and friends as a teriffic belcher. My specialty is volume, but I can hold my own in the duration category as well. I don’t even need a particular food or drink to get started. Just give me a couple minutes to get warmed up and I’ll put on a show.

So, thus far, any Dopefest we both attend will contain a Trivial Pursuit showdown and a knot-tying challenge. Anything else? :slight_smile:

I used to know every single area code in the United States. With all the splits, I don’t know some of the more recent ones. I still know the main area code for every major city in the United States. That’s the one thing I took out of call center work.

::opens mouth to speak, but then thinks better of it::

No, no, but I’ll give the matter some careful, considered thought.

Did I mention I have a wonderful capacity to self-edit?


You know, that coding error crept in there, but I think I like it. I’ll keep it.

I share Elenia28’s ability to memorize songs - hear it about 3 times I can probably have it down to 95% accuracy. It’s pretty crazy, actually. The volume of songs doesn’t matter either. I have thousands of songs in my mp3 playlist and I have the lyrics to almost all of them memorized :eek:

I kick ass at Power Point, and presentations in general. I have the graphical ability to design slides/graphics/images that actually look good. I know that animations are stupid and never look professional. I know how to sort out the important bits and keep the text to a minimum. I know how to use a variety of media (video, sounds, images) to explain topics and I know how to speak and move in an engaging way.

Oh, and I’m really really good at that penny-on-your-elbow trick wherein you place a penny on your elbow, flip your arm over, and catch it in your hand. I can do stacks of…like…20+ coins of all shapes and sizes.

I am an excellent speller.

I can pick out the perfect tie to go with any suit.

I’m good at finding my way round a new city. I very quickly grasp the lie of the land, and which direction is which, and can then wander at will without getting lost. If I’ve seen a map of a place, I can generate a pretty good mental image of what it will be like, that normally just clicks with the actual location when I get there.

I pick up new languages quickly, too.

Torah reading.

Yes, there is such a skill.

Most Hebrew books are printed with punctuation and vowels. Torah scrolls, however, are not. In addition, there is a cantallation that is used in the Torah reading as well. While most Orthodox Jewish men can probably do so in a pinch, it takes practice and effort to memorize the Torah portion of the week with all the vowels, punctuation, cantallation and other oddities that may apply to that week’s reading.

I have been doing this every week for the last 16 years and have built up some skill at it.

Zev Steinhardt

I am so envious of you! I never was any good at knots.

Me, I can really clean those rollers inside your computer mouse. A deft scrape of the fingernail and that linty crap is history.

I’m slick removing carpet tack strips from the floor.

I can cover a bowl with saran wrap so tight you can’t even see the wrap.

Any bowl? Hmmm

I can sharpen drill bits freehand on a grinder wheel to, I swear, a better tip than new.
Even if they’re busted in half.

I can also manuever a Genie lift Z-20/30 like no-ones business. Get anywhere in the building with that thing.

pick my nose.

no one else can reach up into my nostrils with the skill and dexterity I do.

I can annoy people instantly, with the briefest of posts! Although I try to use this power for good, not evil.

I can also make a meal out of whatever is in the kitchen that tastes so good you can’t believe I didn’t follow a recipe.

I also have the Incredible Parking Mojo: 90% of the time I get a parking space right in front of where I’m going. My sister has it, too, so it must be a genetic trait.

'nuff said.

I read extremly, extremly fast. The more intresting the book is, the faster I read. It gets so annoying though. I can type and talk at the same time as well. I’m pretty good with computers, I can figure things out on the computer and know what’s wrong with this bum computer and such.