Small town ex-mayor will act as own counsel

Because her previous attorney is in prison for attempting to hire someone to whack another attorney in his office. This lady has been quite a source of entertainment for the past few years. She also wrote this song in praise of Obama.

Whoa. She is looney tunes!
The trial thing is good stuff, but the song is even beter.

As soon as I read this…

“Play ‘The Obama Song’ as often as desired,” Pierce wrote as an inscription on the lyric sheet. “The energy that propels it will empower the undecided and win over many others.”

…I knew I was in for a real treat.

I couldn’t bear to listen to more than half of it, but I would like to read the (ridiculous) lyrics to get the full propulsion of empowering energy.

She has the Tiger Blood.

This sounds like something that would happen in my small town. It’s… horrifying. I was especially liked the blow-jobs-for-electricity program they had going through the electric department that left the town so in debt to TVA that the entire town almost lost power.

The guy running that still has his job.

Or the one that punched the reporter that didn’t slant the story his way. That guy still has a job.

Or the threats made to another councilman when he dared mention that some of the social programs were going to have to be cut because we were so far in the red that we couldn’t afford to pay workers. The threateners still have their jobs.

Uhhh - can’t wait to get out of here.

Sorry, Officer, I need to pee?