Small Town Newspapers

I have lived in many small towns in my life, and have always gotten a chuckle out of the local papers. Todays Bremerton (WA) Sun made my day, when they did an article about a traveling Shakespeare Company that is bringing a production of ‘Hamlet’ to the PNW, and they made a point to mention that it is an ‘English language translation’ of the play. About fell out of my desk chair laughing.

Okay, that’s just too funny to let slip off the front page. Therefore I will respond:

Shakespeare is at his best when performed in Klingon.

If they were performing Hamlet in Klingon I’d drive up there just to see that!

Especially if they were wearing full Klingon dress! :slight_smile:

As an editor of a small town newspaper who began on big city dailies, I thank you for your appreciation of some of my compatriots’ interpretations.

Small town newspapering is a unique art form I assure you, but an entertaining one none-the-less. Every time a really stupid thing I didn’t catch gets in print, I remind myself of Mark Twain’s defense of a small weekly paper he worked on.

“If you make a few mistakes, those are errors. If you make a large number of mistakes, that is humor.”

There are times my paper is very, very humorous.

My ad guy once had an end of year sale in September. Another time a classified got by me that had a ranch with a horse bar for sale. Had a notable “laid at rest” instead of “to rest” and so forth.

My first job was on a weekly. We had two deadlines. The first was Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. (for the features and the editor’s column and the society stuff). The second was Thursday at 11:00 a.m.(for any “fast breaking” stories and the latest ag. prices).
We went to bed at noon. Literally. It was a flatbed with hot lead. We did try to proofread what we could but, hey, rags like us kept Readers Digest loaded with “Pardon My Slip.”
What did Minnie Pearl say? “At Grinder’s Switch everybody knows what everybody’s doin. We just read the weekly paper to see who got caught at it.”

My mother has worked for my hometown newspaper for nearly 20 years. When the city/county/school district advertises for bids they do this through her paper.

She stopped counting how many times ‘Foley Pubic Schools’ put out bids years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I lived in a small town about 3 years ago that had its own newspaper and we thought it was interesting to read about how “Zeke’s cow was found dead at 6:32 AM” or that the local meat market was going to have an auction. You just didn’t get that kind of reporting in Kalamazoo.