Small yellow/orange stains on mattress

When I was changing my sheets today, I noticed a couple of small dark yellowish/orangish spots on the mattress. I don’t get what could have caused that, since the mattress is always covered (except when changing the sheets obviously), and while certain… fluids, may get on my sheets from time to time, I just can’t imagine anything that could have seeped through and caused that kind of stain. And it’s a fairly new mattress, only about 6 months old, so it kinda bugs me.

Any theories on what it could be? I’m too lazy to post pics right now but if I must I will.

Rust? (from springs?)

Rust never sleeps.

By I.P. Nightly

Since it’s only 6 months old I really doubt it’s rust. And it’s not urine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I figured it out: baby oil. Even though the liquid itself is clear, apparently it can cause this type of stain, which is exactly what it looks like on my mattress.

Molds, spores or fungi.

Or Ectoplasm.


Do you have a combination of Bacne and high cholesterol?

Don’t you have a mattress cover? I can’t imagine sleeping on sheets with just the mattress under them. Isn’t it lumpy? And kinda hot? I’ve always had a quilted cover and while that’s had some staining, the mattress that’s almost 20 years old looks brand new. I get a new cover every 5 years or so and launder it a couple times a year.