Smaller and smaller into infinity?

Can size shrink down into infinity? Is there some physical minimum size that cannot be broken down further? If so, why can’t that just be cut in half, and so on?

Not just mathematically, I mean with the matter of our universe.

Well, there’s the Planck length. According to some theories that’s the smallest meaningful distance.

That is correct. As to why it is the value it is, it is similar to the speed of light in a vacuum (and those two values are related). No one knows why they are what they are but they are universal constants resulting from something deeper about the nature of the universe that isn’t yet known. Figuring that out would be a giant breakthrough in theoretical physics.

The Planck length is still somewhat a product of theory, isn’t it? That is, what is the size of the smallest indivisible particle? I would think it’s much larger than a Planck length. Not sure if the OP is asking about the size of matter or space.

I read the question as size but there is an answer for matter as well. The smallest unit of chemical matter is the atom but there are subatomic particles including protons, electrons, and neutrons. Those can still be subdivided further however and are made up of quarks, gluon, and leptons. You quickly get into quantum mechanics in the later subdivisions however where conventional ideas about energy and matter as well as time break down. The Planck length is still relevant there somehow and is a universal constant underlying it all.

There is no theory which predicts that there is some absolute smallest possible size. There are some hypothoses and models which predict such, and in some of them, that smallest possible size might be the Planck length. But none of those models has any observational or experimental support, and they are therefore by definition not theories.

I see. The more I read about the Plank length, the less I understand.

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There really isn’t anything to understand about it. You get the Planck length by banging together a few physical constants in a particular way, and some folks have made some semi-educated guesses that something interesting might happen at that length scale, but nobody knows of any particular significance of those constants banged together in that way.

The Planck length is equivalent to one pixel in the simulation. After all, even Intergalactic Supercomputers don’t have infinite resolution.


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