Smallpox vaccine: 15 pokes with a double-pointed needle

Why is the smallpox vaccine given in this manner, instead of with a single injection?

Because it’s not injected. It’s not a hypodermic needle. The double pronged needle is dipped into the vaccine solution and is then pricked into the skin many times in a few seconds. This helps more of the solution to de absorbed intradermally.

ok, I take my first sentense back. Technically that’s still an injection.

Sounds more like a tattoo.

Thanks, x-ray vision, but why does it need to be absorbed intradermally?

Are other vaccines given in the same manner?

An itradermal injection produces less sever local reactions, thus decreasing the risk of inadvertent autoinoculation or transmission

The Mantous test is given itradermal (not to be confused with subcutaneous) but I can’t think of any other vaccines.

lots of spelling mistakes- that Mantoux test

The Mantoux test is a diagnostic for tuberculosis. It has nothing to do with Manitous or Manitees.

actually Squink, it does come form Manitees. The vaccine was originally made from the pancreatic secretions of the manitee. However, now it is produced synthetically.

For those not in on the joke, the Mantoux intracutaneous tuberculin test is named after its developer, Dr. Charles Mantoux (French physician, 1887-1947); it has nothing to do with “Manitees” (or with manatees, for that matter).

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