Smart dog outwits owners.

This is not your average beagle. Seeing how he gets up on that counter is incredible. It’s kind of gross seeing that mutt on the table and counter tops. He even gets into the microwave.

A smart dog can be a real problem. I briefly had a schipperke that just wouldn’t stay in the yard. We keep our dogs confined in the kitchen using two child gates. This schipperke must of jumped the gate somehow. We’d come home and find the house damaged. Papers chewed up, my wife’s shoe torn up. How do I know she jumped the gate? My Boston terrier starting jumping straight up in the air. She must of learned it from the schipperke. Thankfully the Boston only got 6 inches off the ground. :stuck_out_tongue: No gate jumping for him. We had to give the schipperke away. She would have been road kill at my house. She’d get out of my fenced yard in less than 10 minutes. Too smart for her own good.

I once had a hard to contain Husky, he was masterful at getting free. Seemed like we were always having to spring him from dog jail. We were their best customers for awhile, I’m sure. Then we got better at handling him. And the next time we had to go spring him, Animal Control actually gave us a freebie!

They said, “We know he’s a challenge, and we haven’t seen him in many months. So we know you’re working hard at it, no charge today.”

That’s the toaster oven not the microwave. Plus, the dog didn’t even get the right dipping sauce.
You call that mowing the lawn? Bad Dog! No Biscuit!

Blah, blah, blah Ginger. :slight_smile:

And a really clever dog would have closed the oven door and put the chair back where it was.

Why were they recording this, anyway? Had there been a series of suspicious food disappearances and they were wondering who was to blame?

Sounds like a roast had gone missing and they were setting up a sting to confirm what happened. I wonder if previously, a chair had already been left close to the counter and so they had less evidence of what exactly had happened for it to all go down?

I was expecting to see the Old Man run into the kitchen shaking his fist, shouting, “Sons of bitches Bumpisses!”

Oh wow! I would be getting rid of a dog (or cat) like that real quick if that happened in my house - or else making the animal an outdoor only one. I’m surprised the dog didn’t burn her paws/nose on that oven though!