Smart ForTwo CDI

Kinda hard to find many reviews of this car b/c it hasn’t yet been released in North America. Apparently is it coming out where I live in the fall and so I was wondering if anyone happened to have any first-hand incite into the brand or any of their models.

Also does it really have much to do with Mercedes Benz or is the only real commonality affiliatiated brandname?

Smart was originally a collabaration between Mercedes-Benz (pre-Chrysler takeover) and SMH, the people who make the Swatch. Yes, the watch. But Mercedes bought SMH out later.

I saw it at the Toronto auto show this past February. It looks interesting.

I also started a thread about it a while back; the thread has some good references by Dopers who have one.

Check out the links to Smart boards I posted in Sunspace’s thread. The are quite closely tied to Mercedes Benz still since many Merc dealers sell and service them. You can see mine here. I know someone who has a TDI, she gets around 90mpg

kferr, like your car! Did you do the painting on the panels yourself?