Smartest STAR TREK humans.

In which we argue over which STAR TREK character had the best functioning brain. Really, it’s not hard.

Only humans are eligible, and even then only those not modified by alien influence. So Q, Spock, Data, Seven of Nine, and Barkley are out. I thought about disqualifying genetically-modified humans too, but I wanted to insult that wanker Julian Bashir at least twice, so I didn’t. For purposes of this thread, characters from the reboot are separate from those in the original series, as otherwise I won’t be able to call New!Kirk a miserable waste of protoplasm who needs to be beaten with a crowbar.


Richard Daystrom, though he was of course mad.

Sorry, so very sorry…

Keeping the TOS Enterprise afloat took some doing. This was the early days of galactic exploration, and you needed a skilled, creative, and brilliant guy keeping it all together. Mr. Scott was an unsung genius.

Both original and reboot Scott are strong contenders–particularly Doohan’s version, who had the guile to be a good commander and the common sense to stay out if a job that would have made him miserable.

Jean-Luc Picard is also a good contender.

Zefram Cochrane has to be in the running. And Dr. Noonian Soong. And since genetically altered humans are allowed, we should consider the similarly-named Khan Noonien Singh.

Also, Kirk’s brother, Mycroft Kirk. :smiley:

I need you to rephrase that last sentence as a source against known attercop Julian Bashir.

(And yes, I know that attercop means spider. I just couldn’t remember how to spell trilobite.)

Scotty took a Romulan cloaking device, ripped out of a Romulan bird of prey, and wired it into the Enterprise with no schematics, power or frequency ratings, or any clue of the functionality of the device.

That’s some special kind of genius right there.

That blind guy (TOS.) He was close to being God.

Scotty and Geordi La Forge are quite obviously very, very smart in the traditional sense, and presented as being the representative examples of such.

More so LaForge, who doesn’t really get a comic relief job the way Scotty sometimes does. The fact that Geordi seems to be Data’s best friend isn’t a coincidence; they’re the smart kids in the class, which is saying a lot amongst the top officers aboard the most famous vessel in Starfleet so you’re already talking about a smart bunch of people. He falls for Dr. Leah Brahms, who is represented as being a major league genius.

Since we’re caucasing, I’m with Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott!

Flint was human, and probably learned a thing or two in his six thousand years.


Gary Mitchell. But I’ll make the case that being zapped by the energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy counts as “modified by alien influence.”

It’s hard to argue against Zefram Cochrane.

Of course, that gets us back to the rather open-ended phrase “best functioning brain”. Flint’s description of his original life (as just a typical goon with a sword) suggests that he wasn’t remarkably intelligent; he just added up a lot of experience and self-education.


Mitchell wasn’t blind, except morally. But yeah, u meant to exclude him.

I’m don’t know about Cochrane. It’s never established how much work others had done in warp theory. He may just have finished what others started rather than having an Einstein-like theoretical breakthrough.

Yea, Soong seems to not only have invented a particular technology working more or less alone, but no one in the Federation seems to have been able to duplicate it for almost a generation, despite the fact that they had a working example at least part of that time.

Forgot about Soong – he gets my vote.

Obviously, it has to be Mr Flint, alias Brahms, Leonardo, Alexander and others. A genius level artist, composer, physicist, cybernetician, military strategist, etc.

Edit - he created intelligent, self aware androids a generation before Soong.