Smartphone to buy

If you have to choose between the Droid Milestone and the Samsung Galaxy, which one would you choose?
Imput from owners of both devices are specially welcomed.

Which Galaxy? Aren’t there several? I have a Droid (U.S., so not the “Milestone”) and love it to death. The screen is great, the responsiveness is great, multiple things at once is great, but I guess you know most of this since you’re already interested in a new Android phone. From what I’ve seen, they both run pretty similar implementations of Android, so I’m not too sure. What I am sure about is that the Droid is a great phone, with a great looking screen, fits nicely in my pocket, and does just about anything I want it to do (or will shortly, I’m waiting for the imminent release of Flash 10 so I can watch/listen to my grad. school lectures with it). The single solitary thing I’m disappointed in is the inability to EDIT Google Docs. I understand they’re working on it, but I don’t think any phone can do that at the moment (though I’ve seen apps that claim to do it, I’m not really compelled to take the chance).

So between the two, I don’t know, but if you have any specific Motorola Droid questions I might be able to help there.

I do have a few questions

  1. Can you sync Google Calendars, Task and contacts or, alternative, are there some apps that do similar things?

  2. Can you read pdf files? Are there similar apps to stanza or any apps for ebook reading?

  3. What other sync apps would you recommend.

  4. Is it good for emails and web navigation?

  5. Is it good for MP3?

Basicaly I want a phone that functions as a PIM (Personal information manager); It would be great if I could read books (I don’t want another device).

Yes, when you first turn on the phone it asks you to log into a gmail account. From there it will automatically integrate with your Google services to sync address books and contacts, Calendars, email, and possibly other stuff I don’t use (Buzz, etc.). It will even do this for multiple accounts – I currently have 3: two personal accounts and my employer’s Google Apps account. It even integrates with Facebook, etc. to match up names and email addresses or import your friends list – it downloads all Facebook information provided in your friends’ profiles such as additional email addresses, profile photos, phone numbers, etc. One major caveat is that at this time, while contacts and email work fine for syncing multiple accounts, for some reason the calendar will only sync for your primary account (the one you link it to when you first turn on the phone). So be careful there. Supposedly, this may be fixed in the future. I just put a browser shortcut to my preferred Google calendar (work account) on the home screen instead of the built-in calendar, and it works fine. Also doesn’t sync tasks with Google calendar at this point, but there are some nice third-party task managers in the app store. It does have Exchange support if that’s important, and regular POP3 and IMAP support.

Yes, it reads pdfs fine. The built-in viewer is fine, and I’ve tried a couple from the app store. Just little interface differences between them, but the screen looks great and the pdfs look great, as good as can be expected on a phone screen. I’m not familiar with stanza so I don’t know, and I haven’t explored any non-pdf e-book options.

I haven’t used anything other than the built-in Google and Facebook sync. I’m playing around with Google Listen for podcasts and such (searches and lets you build playlists that download directly to the device, etc.).

The built-in browser is pretty good, and now has pinch-zoom (which seems to be important to some people), and the Gmail integration is very good. Both the on-screen and slideout keyboards are nice, and the voice-to-text works pretty well for me, though I’ve seen complaints from some people. For quick things I use the on-screen keyboard, but for lengthier messages I tend to prefer the slideout.

You plug it into your computer and basically drag and drop to transfer files. I love that, so I’m not sure about other software music managers and how well they work with it. As for the music player on the device, I also don’t have any problems with it – it’s easy to navigate and certainly works. There are apps such as TuneWiki which goes out and retrieves lyrics and other information for whatever’s currently playing, and other media players in the app store. I haven’t found them necessary. The sound quality from the headphone jack is really pretty good to my ears (through headphones, computer speakers, and in the car), and the built-in speaker is quite loud and actually doesn’t sound completely awful especially at lower volumes (if you can sort of “bounce” it off a soft or acoustically warm surface, especially). The Droid comes with a 16GB microSD card, though I think I read the Droid Milestone for whatever reason will only come with 8GB. But the good news is it’s just a microSD card, you can swap the included one for whatever you want up to (currently) 32GB.