Smash Mouth

So I hear this band a couple of years back on the radio. Another pop filled, 3 minutes and fade out, flavor of the week rock band. Walkin on the sun.
I hear it everywhere. Every radio station. Even country, rap and smooth ass jazz are playing this because they all love the song. And gosh, what’s not to love?
Then another song hits the airwaves. And another.
Then the videos hit. Every video is Smash Mouth. Sometimes they’ll even interrupt a Smash Mouth video to show a Smash Mouth video.
But then a strange thing happens: I listen to the music. I’m not sick of it! I start listening to the lyrics and they’re actually pretty good.
So I go to a used CD store and pick up Astro Lounge, their second CD. I’m blown away. They’ve got retro, punk, rock, jamaican music and it’s all good. Every track.
So I buy another, Fush Yu Mang, their first album. Edgier. Much more hard rock and rough around the edges but still really good. Paprino is by far my favorite song by them.

I now own all three of their CDs and they’re all really great. This band can play any genre at any tempo and play it well.
So, anyway, um, just thought I’d share. What do you all think of the band?

I’d have to respectfully disagree with some of your points. But first:

“Padrino” from Fush Yu Mang is easily their best song ever. I really wish this one had a video.

FYM is much harder. That’s why I like it. The one exception is “Walking On The Sun”. Guess what song got played on the radio? WOTS.

So their next album, they change their whole style to be more radio and TRL friendly. The only thing with staying power on the whole album is “All Star”, which is entering the realm of stadium or arena classic.

Smash Mouth also has a demo-type CD called “The East Bay Sessions”, which is pretty rockin’.

Final verdict? Smash Mouth sold-out. Not Blink-182 selling out, but still selling out nonetheless.

I’m a pretty big fan of Smash Mouth. I own both “Fush Yu Mang” and “Astro Lounge”, and I enjoy just about all the songs on both albums.

But have you ever heard them live??? I’ve seen them on lots of different talk shows, award shows, and MuchMusic/MTV, and they suck! I don’t know if it’s the acoustics in these places, or if the sound doesn’t translate well through the TV, or what! Maybe they just get really stoned before live performances, and it affects the music… Whatever it is, I have yet to see a live performance that didn’t make me cringe.

Of course, none of this is going to stop me from eventually buying their latest album, “Smash Mouth.” :cool:

ElwoodCuse, I’m going to respectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement.
There is absolutely a different sound from CD 1 to CD 2. I don’t consider it selling out, as much as finding a different direction. How’s that for a spin?
Seriously, the older stuff was much more hard rock, which was great. But songs like Paprino, Flo, and Disconnect the dots shows where they were heading.
I like songs like “Pacific Coast Party” as well. So sue me.

Besides, their first album, while great, was quite rough. “Let’s rock,” was completely off and didn’t work at all. There were a few off key moments in other songs. It was kinda weird.

But, overall, they’re a great band even with the retro rock sound they have now.

Oh yeah I really like that “We’re getting high” song… you know the one with the water pipe bubbling in the background… Man the lyrics are great on that song… Oh wait… I’m sorry I went retarded for a minute.
All-Star is a decent song.

The music snob in me is naturally leery of any band that receives relentless airplay on mainstream radio stations. Same for any band that rehashs the same sound and trite production effects with each successive yet familiar made-for-radio CD single. Needless to say, hearing Smashmouth makes me flinch.

Having said that, when I first heard ‘Walking on the Sun’ I thought it was original-sounding and just ever so cool. Then again, I was but 17. :cool:

But to be fair, there’s nothing terribly offensive about Smashmouth. The ska-punk sound which they’ve developed has proved to be immensely popular and accessible; it’s completely understandable that they have chosen to stick with it. It may not to appeal to those of us who would prefer a more innovative band that continues to develop musically, but that’s not to say there’s no place for simple, well-made ear-candy.

At least, in IM(not-so)HO.