Smell-O-Vision: The Criterion Collection

In light of the latest, critically acclaimed film “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D” (Smell being the fourth dimension), which films would you amend from past, present or future to include at least 5 scratch n’ sniff odors?

Where in the film would they be… and what aroma?

Carl Stalling says it will never work.

I’m going to mention a movie that should never be given the smell-o-vision treatment: Trainspotting. If you’ve seen it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I’ve always wanted to know what a snozzberry smelled like.

On that note, “Chocolat”, where we would not only get to smell said chocolate but also get a whiff of Johnny Depp. Yum.

Maybe “Apocaylpse Now”, as I’ve never smelled nepalm in the morning (or victory, for that matter).

I haven’t seen it, nor never intend to, but I’m sure there’s some choice moments in the Human Centipede.

Similar to Trainspotting, I imagine a smell-o-vision version of Cool Hand Luke would not be all that popular. Unless you really liked hard boiled eggs.

I’ve never seen it with the scratch n sniff cards, but Polyester by John Waters had a smell-o-vision gimmick. And I believe that at least one of the smells was a personal odor from Divine.

Yeah, this probably won’t catch on like 3D.


Why, they smell like snozzberries, of course.

The Scent Of A Woman

Jaws would have 1) Sea water, 2) Blood, 3) Chum, 4) Quint, 5) Exploded Shark

And if you’re watching The Wizard of Oz this way, take a pass on the Poppies.

Rashomon in smell-o-vision would be awesome. It would only have one smell, but a smell experienced by different people in the theatre in a mutually contradictory manner. :smiley: