Smile when you say that

Can you tell which smiles are genuine and which are fake? I thought I was pretty astute at reading face, but I only got 14 out of 20.

I only did slightly better, at 16 of 20.

I went 18/20.

Those were some frightening looking people!

9 out of 20, remind me not to go shopping for a used car anytime soon.

17/20. Better than I thought - seems like the easiest way to tell is tosee if the smile reaches the eyes.Person #3 looks kind of slimy. And #9 is a dead ringer for Ben Affleck.

I got 17/20.

I got all the fakes right, but I called the last three genuines wrong.

15 out of 20.

I mainly judged based on how easy it was for the person to return to a neutral expression afterwards; the easier it was or the more solemn they looked, the faker I thought the smile was.

That’s pretty much how I did it too. Interesting that our scores were so similar using the same technique.


I did better than I thought I would… I am not a people person at all.


I was looking for creasing of the forehead which I was told was a good sign of a real smile. none of them did it so I went off the fact that some of them seemed like bad actors told to smile (the way they glanced at the camera in a guilty way, and other tiny clues)

Did worse than I thought because I did a similar test in the past and got close to full points.


Queen Tonya, you and I should go shopping for a car together. If you add both of our scores, we’ll get 18 out of 20.

I got 15 out of 20 by looking at the eyes–although I was apparently looking for the wrong thing about the eyes! I spotted 9 of the 11 fake smiles and 7 of the 10 real ones, so maybe I should go with Queen Tonya and Ruby to help them buy a used car.
I thought #6 and #10 were very good looking. I wonder if I can take the test again . . .

13/20. I didn’t really have a system, I was just going on gut reaction.

I wasn’t any more likely to mischaracterize a fake smile as genuine than vice versa, and there didn’t seem to be a gender factor one way or the other.

16/20, better than I expected.

I was looking for spontaneity and at the eyes, and I also looked for shoulder movement. It also seemed to be true that the larger the smile, the more likely that it was genuine.


A combination of what Matt said, with body movement and wrinkles also.

The genuines I marked as false showed less wrinkles.

I wonder how they obtained the fake versus the genuine smiles…


I was having trouble because some of the people who I thought looked as though they were trying to fake a smile were amused by the project, so it kind turned out half genuine anyway. I think I was reading way too much into it. Or, it’s just not as simple as fake versus genuine smiles.

I’m ashamed to say the ones that stumped me were the really homely people (Where did they find some of them? Aah!) - I always thought they were fake at first, and I had to think about it and really look at their faces. And I still got half of them wrong. I don’t feel this speaks well of my character. :frowning:

I got 18/20 :eek: - I was looking for eye crinkles. I thought they were all fake at first glance. #13 scared me bad.

I got 16/20. And where did they find #13? He/she looks like they pulled him/her from under some rock! And he/she has fangs, too!

You got 19 out of 20 correct”


I looked, like others did, at the person’s eyes. Did they crinkle a bit, or twinkle? Or did they not change shape or anything at all? I also looked for tiny little clues like if you could see their shoulders shake a touch. One guy shook his head a touch at the end, which added a feeling of genuine good mood to me.

10 out of 20.