Smilies on a poker site

Not knowing the exact rules pertaining to naming the particular site, I won’t. It seems to be a popular site with a real party atmosphere.

Anyway my question: One of the guys that I run across from time to time uses smilies. I asked him how and he gave me some codes, they worked.

He then proceeded to tell me that he has the ability to turn them off as well. I tried later that night to use one and sure enough they stopped working!

Am I being whooshed? Why would they show up on my screen at first and then later stop? I have searched ALL over the site to see how this might be accomplished and can find no references to even HAVING smilies there!

I am not a computer whizz, but can usually figure out a hoax. This one has me baffled. Any ideas?

I have no idea what sort of “codes” he gave you, but if it’s something you entered which “turned on” the smilies, my first guess is that it’s actually something that turns them on only for the current session. That is: maybe you have to enter the codes again to use smilies again.