Smilies vs. emoticons

Personally, I prefer the latter. Not all “smilies” smile. Therefore, IMHO, the term “emoticon” is more suited to the little guys. EMOTionICON. “Smilies” sounds silly to me.

Plus, I think this board needs a “devilish grin” emoticon. I use them all the time on my other board.

That is all. :smiley: Big grin emoticon:wink:

  • s.e.

I’m picturing an emoticon that looks like Jack Nicholson.

Maybe, but not quite. It had red horns and a wide, evil grin… Formed by doing this }> .

  • s.e.

nice quote scott!

the term emoticon is just so fun to say!

I’ve noticed that having fewer syllables always seems to beat out logic and esthetics.