Smoke a rope

What’s the origin (and time period) of the expression, ‘to smoke a rope’. I’m under the impression that in the early part of the last century, people (sailors?) believed one could get high from smoking (hemp) ropes.

Tobacco was once sold in long spun bunches called ropes or twists. You can still get them as a specialty item.

Cool. Looks like a big turd.

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Have you ever heard that song (played maddeningly fast) about the Titanic?

Someone years ago linked me to it and I Napstered it at that time, but I don’t have it anymore.

Oh, shit, it’s hilarious and it’s about what you wrote about, IIRC!

Someone know what I’m talking about?



Can’t say I heard of it.

(BTW: Got the book from your friend. Thanks.)

Then you’re in for treat my friend! :slight_smile: (The Legend of The Titanic, it’s called, I believe)

Enjoy the book, Johnny, and I already told him you wanted to work on the movie! :wink:

They’re still shopping it around, and have the movie rights!

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Here’s a link to the song, Jamie Brocket’s “Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic” and the 497 and a half feet of rope.

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So in addition to tobacco being sold as ‘ropes’, there was definitely the hemp thing going on.

So is ‘smoke a rope’ from the tobacco, or from the hemp?

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Tobacco or cigar

That image of a “tobacco rope” is not smoking tobacco. It’s chewing tobacco. Smoking tobacco doesn’t come in ropes.

So, it’s more likely what don’t ask linked to–a cigar.

The earliest cites I could find for “smoke a rope” also is in the 1900-1915 range. And they were referring to “rope” as being smelly, inferior cigars.

Maybe one of yours perhaps, if so, sitting on the throne can’t be a very pleasant experience.

Hmmm. Apparently I stand corrected! :wink:

I “snookered” myself!

Still like “The Legend of The Titanic” though!:slight_smile:


I used to hear this song on FM radio back in high school. A couple of years ago I picked up the record at a yard sale, not remembering the song – one of those pleasant surprises. (There’s one other song vaguely like this on the record, a talking blues – the rest is wifty folk-pop, you would never think it was the same person.)

By the way, the artist’s name is actually Jaime Brockett. (And apparently when he wrote the song, he didn’t realize that it was actually the RMS Titanic.)

Or that it was sailing in the other direction.

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