Smoke from Humboldt Co. California, visible from space

Let’s see who takes the bait…

It would’ve been quite interesting if this was happening on April 1st…or April 20th would’ve been even better, but oh well.

My topic is actually true, but not for the reasons that you might hope. My brother just sent me this satelite photo where you can clearly see the smoke plume of the 7000 acre wildfire currently consuming the King Range National Conservation Area on the Humboldt County Northern California coast.

Start at the banana shaped cloud cover just off the coast, then look for the next perpendicular grey smear to the east, and that is the smoke plume, stretching south, well beyond the Bay Area.

My Mom has been watching the blaze as it consumed the mountain tops on the next ridge over since September 3rd, when thunderstorms brought a series of lightening strikes to the area. A couple of days ago, the wind sent the blaze rapidly down the far side of the King Range, down to the beach.

Thankfully, the 7000 acres burned so far have been uninhabited public lands (which should make for some very interesting backpacking for me next spring) but the coastal hamlet of Shelter Cover is currently on alert in case the winds continue to send this signifigant force their way. Also, thankfully, the flames don’t have anywhere to go to the west, thanks to the Pacific.

This is not the only fire in the area, many have been contained and extinguised in recent weeks, in more populated areas. Another continuing concern is the small plume that is visible just to the east, the Canoe fire. It went from 25 to 700 acres within a couple of days, and will put homes, ranches, timberland, and livestock at risk if it is not contained quickly.

Just had to share

If there are any dopers reading who are volunteer fire personel, or who work for CDF (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection), you have my thanks and my prayers as you dance with the devil for the greater good.

I sound a bit like a religious zealot there at the end…how ironic…

Not to hijack the thread, but I’m originally from the Humboldt area, and I opened the thread expecting a discussion of smoke of an entirely different kind.

Any religious analogies aside, honeydewgrrl – I thought the last past of your OP was well-said, and very apt.

Wildfire seasons. NZ has them here to an extent, and they’re certainly endemic to Australia. All the best, and may folk stay safe.

My Gods! There’s three of us now! With this many Humboldtians, we should be able to take over this board! Or not.
Me? I prefer brownies.

Thank you Mixie I was hoping to lure a few more folks with the possible interpretations of the topic :wink:

Does a semester at Humboldt State make me a Humboldtian? I would have stayed longer, but I decided that flunking out and moving to Alaska made more sense at the time. Fond memories, though.

If you miss it, it counts. The economy in the region often makes it very difficult to stay there. I’ve been wandering around looking for my nest egg and my Mrs. Right to bring back…someday…soon, I hope.

Well, that makes at least 4 Humboldters…I lived, worked and raised a family in Fortuna for 30 years before retiring.

Great place!

5 Humboldters :slight_smile: Grew up outside of Eureka. My great-grandfather father was a logger and moonshine maker in Falk (ghost-town now). Lot of history round them parts. Unfortunately not the kind of smoke I was expectin :frowning: Hope they get it undercontrol soon.