Smokers are Lousy Drivers

From anecdotal observation, it seems that drivers who smoke are more likely to be speeders, and have other bad driving behaviors. I had been thinking about this for some time, noticing that when I’m tail-gated or cut-off, the driver usually has a ciggy in their hand or lips. This applies to both men and women. It was really brought home when I took my daughter to Driving School for an accident (non-smoker, don’t know if the elderly driver who ran into her was, or not - she was a brand new driver at the time, for what its worth, she allegedly made an improper lane change) - most of the class was clustered outside puffing away, right up to class time.

Don’t know if it is the distraction of smoking, or the personality type that chooses one risky behavior - smoking - despite overwhelming evidence, will also choose another risky behavior - bad/fast driving. My guess goes with the second choice.
Yes, I lifted this from myself near the end of another GD thread about speeding, but it was kinda off-topic:

I find that elderly people who wear hats are also clumsy… what is it, too bright for them in their car??

“…Don’t know if it is the distraction of smoking, or the personality type that chooses one risky behavior - smoking - despite overwhelming evidence, will also choose another risky behavior …”

My dad smokes and he is a safe driver, however, when the coughing starts I start to get worried,


What I’m wondering is how the smokers are going to deal with California’s upcoming law which requires hands-free driving.

hands free driving,all I can say is,LOL

I guess those left-coasters will use their well-known psychic abilities to pilot their urban chariots, sans hands?

And to IMATION, yes, some individuals in the group (smokers) can drive well, but my point is that of the bad drivers I encounter, most are smokers. To be more accurate, they are smoking, don’t know how many bad drivers who don’t have a cigarette in hand are actually smokers, between their fixes.

Okay, folks. I had the same reaction the first time I heard the phrase. However, it means that you can’t be holding your cell phone, your battery powered razor, your mascara pencil, etc. whilst you’re supposed to be fully in control of the vehicle. Apparantly that means having both hands on the steering wheel or one on the wheel and the other on the gear shift.

oh please plan man,I used to be a smoker (10 mnths ago)
and now am a non-smoker since,as far as I am concerend
the worst drivers (smokers or not) were the ones who
thought they COULD drive, sod all to do with smoking. My driving has nothing to do with having a ciggie in my hand or not, good or otherwise.

I got into a possibly serious accident once. My car ended up in a rather deep ditch because I over-compensated during a turn. At the time, I was reaching for a lighter so I could light my cigarette.

There were other near-accidents I could’ve had because I was more worried about the cigarette burning under my seat or on me. Or I was momentarily distracted because I was lighting up or putting out. Or the smoke was in my eyes and I couldn’t see.

When I got my current car, I decided not to smoke in it at all. I reasoned that if I needed a cigarette, I could either wait until I reached my destination, or on long drives, I needed a break anyway. It worked, and my driving improved dramatically. I also don’t have holes in the ceiling or on the carpet. (FTR, I quit smoking altogether 2 years ago.)

The upshot is that I don’t allow myself to drive with distractions. THAT’S why my driving (and that of other distracted drivers) was so bad.


I’m getting fed up with all those cell phone users pulling over on the highway to “safely take their call.” These people look at you as you drive by to make sure you are taking notice of their politically correct behavior. What pisses me off is hoping the idiots don’t pull back onto the busy highway directly in front of me. If we are going to do that for smoking as well, we may as well budget for acceleration lanes on all the major highways. Oh, and what about Drive-thru food outlets. Do you think it is any easier eating a Big Mac while driving than having a smoke?

Well, its better than being involved in an accident… aint it?

Hey, good idea.

Hands free… what?!? Monty, are you having us on or were you smoking something while typing that in? :wink: