Is a crematorium the only place where clients can smoke but employees can’t

Now that’s a burning question.

Depends on just how you parse the grammar.

In a crematorium, the employees smoke the clients.

Here, “employees” is the subject. They are doing the smoking. “clients” is the direct object. They are getting smoked.

Is it illegal to smoke a Cuban in a crematorium?

“Do you smoke after sex?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never looked.”

I think, ideally, the clients are already smoked by the time they reach the crematorium.

Define “client”. If I pay a trashman to haul away an old couch and dispose of it, am I the client or is the couch? If I have a pet that has seen better days and needs to be sent to meet its maker, am I the vet’s client, or is the pet?

What I wonder about is how they keep the ends lit?

Or somebody smoked 'em.