Smokin' Dope

I think the SDMB is really cool. In fact, it’s smokin’. Not only can you learn about everything under the sun, you can learn a lot about yourself. What are some of the things you’ve learned since being here?

I’ve learned to never trust the subject line.

I’ve learned that no matter how smart I am, or how smart I *think *I am, there is always someone smarter than me who thinks they’re dumb. It’s humbling. Or dumbling.

Pineapples don’t grow on trees.

Haven’t learned anything new while I’ve been on here. I have learned that no matter where you go online there will always be someone who has to quote you and say something along the lines of “I highly doubt that happened…”

Why, did I say I’d given birth to premature triplets weighing over 4lbs each??


That happily, there are other people who share your observations and musings on life.
No matter how strange or inane they might be.

I’ve learned that nobody is as unique as they think they are.

Well, it’s a self-selecting forum, so naturally there’s a lot of commonality. Still, it is interesting to discover your views on rather controversial topics line up completely with other people in English, and even non-English speaking countries all over the world.

I’ve learned that my memory isn’t the only proof I need.

That pineapples don’t grow on trees, as mentioned above.

That there wasn’t a major conspiracy by the US government regarding 9/11. (I was a truther when I found this board.) So, I’m proof that posts on a message board can change a person’s view on things.

That there are a large number of adults out there who will stick a ring up their nose just to see if it’ll fit.

That toy blimps can be amusing.

That an unopened cooler can lead to the biggest case of peer pressure I’ve ever seen. Not to mention lead to all kinds of hilarious stories.

That it’s bad for the country when leaders are either too far left, or too far right.

Most importantly however, that people will talk about anything and everything, from their enjoyment of popping zits to what the meaning of life is.

Its funny to me that some people believed that pineapples grew on trees. I guess its an easy enough mistake to make, but having lived in Hawaii as a kid and seeing HUGE fields of them quite often…it just struck me as interesting.

As an aside, speaking of Hawaii, at the house we lived in at Schofield Barracks, our yard had no less than a banana “tree”, a coconut bearing palm tree, an avocado tree, a mango tree and a big bird of paradise flowering plant. It was a small, but cool, yard to play in when you’re eight.

Before I had my deviated septum operated on, it wouldn’t fit. Now it does! Thanks, Doctor B!

I just learned that people think pineapples grow on trees.

Everyone is delusional about something.

I learned that a surprisingly large percentage of men urinate while sitting down.

I learned that Maine is the U.S. state closest to Africa

That reasonable people can like things I detest and vice versa.

Wait, what? No way! reads thread on it Wow. Never would’ve guessed Maine.

I’ve learned that every relationship problem can be summarized and fixed with just two sentences:
He/she/it is a psycho. Dump them!