Smoking a catnip joint...

Suppose we had a Furry…an anthropomorphic half human, half animal being…specifically a cat, could such an entity derive pleasure smoking a joint made from catnip?

As long as we’re already dealing with a creature that doesn’t exist, there’s nothing to say one way or the other.

[QUOTE=Enola Straight<snip>an anthropomorphic half human, half animal being…<snip>[QUOTE]

Ack! Are the two mutually exclusive now?

I believe that this is the first combination Furry-Drug thread in IMHO(if not the entire freakin’ internet). Congradulations. :smiley:

Although the OP’s hypothesis is untestable, there is a related experiment one could try: smoking the catnip joint in proximity to an actual cat, to test whether it, oh, I dunno, tries to rip your lungs out? :rolleyes:

Sometimes I worry about the other people on this message board.

Human consumption of catnip, normally in a brewed tea, is mildly sedative. Your hybrid could theoretically achieve the nothing between the calming effects on humans and the euphoric buzz that felines experience. Wonder if the effects of catnip ARE inhalable?

Well, the trip to Kzin isn’t that far . . .

Well, this thread of mine doesn’t seem so silly in comparison now, does it?

I was wondering if the active component of catnip…nepetalactone…could be delivered in vaporous form, such as nicotine or THC when released from burning tobacco or marijuana, respectfully.

Who wants to get the munchies when you’re licking your own butthole?

I’ve actually smoked catnip. It just felt like the pressure was increasing in my face. Nothing to get excited about, really.

Wow, you can learn anything on this board! I’d wager that this little piece of information alone is worth $4.95!

I can’t believe I actually have something informative to add to this thread.

When I was about 14, I smoked catnip. My friend told me it was actual weed, of course, and I certainly didn’t know the difference. (Can you believe she’s still my friend?) I also happened to smoke it in a room that contained easily 20 cats. The cats seemed largely unaffected by the smoke. I got a minor headache, and a little bit later, I felt decidedly munchy.

As for our imaginary half-furry, I figure as long as he’s imaginary, he should be stoned out of his cat-suit.

Officer: “We found some paraphernalia in his car.”

Judge: “What kind of paraphernalia… a bong?”

Officer: “No sir. Two balls of yarn and a squeaky toy.”

Ehhh… once you let your Furries smoke catnip, pretty soon, all they’ll wanna do is wear tie-dye, eat cheetos and m&ms and watch bad television.

At least that’s what happened to my dog when he ate my stash.

As long as they don’t mix them up with cheetahs. :eek:

I don’t smoke anything, but if I did (or even if I didn’t), I’d want to hug all 20 of those cats, or snuggle up with them, or use them as pillows.

You beat me to that one! BTW I think Teela Brown who posts here on SDMB is
onto the same author :slight_smile:

Wu who? :wink: