Smoking and toe pain

I came back from vacation the first week in September and until the present middle of October my lifestyle had changed dramaticaly. I have been spending a lot more time sitting in front of the computer and smoking about 25% more than I had before my vacation. Almost no excersize.

 A few weeks ago I started noticing more numbness and pain in my toes along with redness in the tips. Primarily the big toe but some days it would spread out to adjoining toes. When I cut back on my smoking it seemed to lessen the pain and redness. A few days ago I quit smoking and the pain and redness completely went away. I also picked up my walking but not by much. Just a couple of trips around the block or parking at the far end of parking lots etc. 

Is it safe to say that smoking is causing my toe pain or is this confirmation bias. Yestrday I found a pack of cigs and ended up smoking some. Last night the pain and redness started comming back a little. Back to quitting today.

Sounds like gout. Quitting smoking will definitely help.

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. Any vascular problems?

Not aware of any but I am suspecting I have some. I have the risk factors, 66 years old, smoked most of my life, slightly overweight. I also think my hearing may have gotten better when I wasn’t smoking. Back on my non smoking today. I did a hearing test where I had someone tap on a cup to see how far away I could hear the tap. Mine was 4 feet, the normal person I tested with was at least 20 feet. Going to recheck that after a few more days of non smoking.