Smoking cessation support...?

I’m trying to put down the evil habit that is tobacco use. I’ve been browsing but they won’t let you use online support unless you’ve been COLD TURKEY for 72 hours. I haven’t made it that far yet but I know it’s time to quit.

Anyone else in the same situation or recently escaped? I would love to have/offer some online support.

Peace All,
Oregon sunshine

Do you have health insurance? Many insurers offer smoking cessation programs (I work for one that offers it for free). It’s worth checking into.

Yes, I actually do, and that’s probably worth checking into.

I made it three years without tobacco use and then my 43 year old brother died. That got me started again (May) and I quit about three weeks later. Now, I’ve only smoked for a couple of weeks and I’m feeling sick already. However, my workplace is a BIG TIME smoking culture (old hippies) and that’s where I’m having the trouble. There is a lot of support for me to keep destroying my health and almost no support for stopping. I know it has to come from within, but it would be nice to have some quit buddies.

You can try I’ve used it before. It’s not bad.

Or you could always come here. I just quit cold turkey 5 1/2 weeks ago. This has oddly been the easiest “quit” so far.

Good luck to you.

My standard link for this topic. Read the book, and you’ll be kicking yourself for not reading it years ago.

I hate products that make ridiculous claims, but damn if this didn’t make quitting smoking easy as can be.

IMO, I think that marine mammals, like any other animal, really shouldn’t talk up smoking. I mean…oh…so this thread isn’t about chain-smoking whales.

My bad.

I’ve heard raves about this book. What is it about it that makes it the bible of quitting smoking?

(Why yes, I am trying to get info about it without going out and buying it. :wink: )

Basically, it’s the way it cuts through the bullshit you’ve been fed for years about quitting. You’re told your entire life how hard it is to quit. Know what? That’s crap – it’s easy as hell, once you get yourself in the right mindset. This book puts you there.

Thanks mate!

I agree. I was a 2 pack a day smoker, and had smoked for 25 years and I easily quit after reading that book. It changed the way I thought about smoking and quitting, and that is the battle right there. Quitting really was easy once I started thinking differently about it. Physical withdrwl symptoms? Pffffhhtt. It was all in my head.

Yesterday was one month cold turkey for me. So far it has been fairly easy. Only a few times have I had really bad cravings. I have a stash of suckers that I use to calm those bad cravings down. I smoked for 15 years, and I thought it would be a lot harder. I’ve also had a whole bunch of bad crap happen in the last couple of weeks, and haven’t gone back to the smokes.

Good luck to you and everyone else who wants to kick the habit! :slight_smile:

Good for you. I quit almost a year ago. It gets easier. For me, I just had to stop thinking of myself as a smoker. I know that sounds kind of flakey, but I just tried to change how I thought of myself.

I had tried to quit before, but some how I just knew I was ready this time. I was a jerk for a couple of weeks and stressed out easily but after the first few days it got a lot easier. Best wishes for you.

I have that book on order from Amazon right now. I should get it in the next week.

I need to quit, I should have quit before. I am a strong willed person in every other aspect of my life, but the thought of quitting and what I will go through and the person I become when I quit has me terrified.

I’m one of those horrible people that smoked during my pregnancy. I was able to cut way back (5 a day) but was never able to completely stop. I look at my child every day and wonder what I could have done to her, or how I could have done it and I don’t have the answer. I hope this book can prevent me from ever having to feel that way again. I’ve tried cold turkey, I’ve tried self-hypnosis, I’m too skeptical for the cold laser stuff and too broke.

I hate what smokes do to me. I hate the guilt, I hate the expense, but the fear of quitting scares the shit out of me.

When the book comes, I’ll give you my insight into it and let you know if it helps.

I’m quitting too. My house stinks and my clothes stink, when walking on the treadmill my lungs cause me to stop long before my legs are tired. I’m just plain sick of cigarettes. Trouble is, I have cut down to only a few a day but stopping completely seems out of my reach.

I hope my library has that book.

Hey all, I’m back after another day of work.
Thanks for the book recommendation; I will try to find it at the library. So far I’ve psyched myself up to quit tomorrow with a bunch of nicotine gum and then go from there. I know that cold turkey is supposed to be more likely to succeed, but I’m a pussy.

Oh, and bouv, it really doesn’t say “cetacean”, although that would’ve been funny as hell.

Oops! Coding error! Coding error!

It’s nothing to fear. You can do it. Just know it can be very easy if you can just relax. And it’s so nice to have the house not stink of smoke and the glass in the pictures on the walls not turn brown and not have that heaviness in your chest and …and not be afraid you’re going to die with a butt in your mouth! Don’t be afraid. It won’t kill you!!

To answer the OP directly: hosts a number of support groups, and smoking cessation is one of them.

It’s for anyone who is quitting, has quit, or is thinking about quiting. The posters there seem to be nice people, drawn together for a common goal. They share tips, pointers, encouragement, etc.

Check it out, it might be what you are looking for. It’s free.

Disclaimer: I have no personal or financial interest in WebMD.

LOL…at least your not quiting your sense of humor.

Good Luck…I’ll be joining you after my vacation.

I’m banking that two weeks in Colorado will help me quit…

again, good luck,

daniel, tsfr

Another thing that helped me these past 5 weeks is
It keeps a running tally of how many days/hours/minutes since you had your last smoke. It also calculates how much money you’ve saved. It’s a nice added incentive. So far I’ve saved $244. My wallet has, indeed, noticed this.