Smoking: Is it better to smoke....

Is it better to smoke say 2 cigarettes a day, every day, or to smoke 14 in one night once a week. Or does it make no difference at all??

I have wondered the same thing about candy bars.

why would you smoke a candy bar:confused:

Try to focus.

I under stood the OP to be about health even though it was not expressly stated.

Is it more harmful to be exposed to a low continuos amount of smoke than to binge. In quick and, wishful thinking, out quick.

Not unlike my hijack. For less weight gain, would it be better to eat a few candy bars every day, or just pound the whole bag in one sitting - instead of absorbing all the fat and sugar, maybe such a huge dose will over flow, so-to-speak.

Sorry I do not have an answer but maybe I helped readers better understand - of course I could be completely off base here too.

it is better to binge-smoke.
Every day you don’t smoke, is a good day for your lungs. It does them good. So once a week smoking is better than one or two every day.

Well if you just bum one or two a day, it will take weeks or months to piss the moochee off. If you bum 14 cigs from a smoker in one night, they are going to poke you in the eye at about the 8th one.