Smoking the reefer

Well, I don’t smoke it, but,…

I’ve recently heard gossip amongst some of my younger siblings who say there is governement marajuana called ‘G19’ and the quality is of the highest degree.

Is this true? If so, what does G19 mean? Is there a F19 or maybe even a G20 variety?

Just curious.

I think that rumor is from the movie “American Beauty”

You can be certain there is government pot out there, used for a variety of things. But as to the effectiveness, take a trip to the Cannibis Cub in Amsterdam this year to get an idea of what’s REALLY potent.

I would say that “government pot” is derived from the characteristics of the hemp fiber material, not the quality of the THC.

The US dropped research on weed when synthetic fibers became a viable alternative.

Yeah this is something reported in American Beauty, its a bit of an urban legend but the shit you’re referring to is known as g13.
It was apparently a freak mutation that turne dup in a government hemp program where they were breeding for least thc content but this freak had the genes for most and some stoner working there took a clone and passed it on.

You can buy seeds derived from the genetics all over and if you go to and do a search on the forums under g13 you’ll get a stack of stuff sorting the hype from the fact.
But I have heard its one of the strongest strains known to science.

God, I can only imagine if they legalized legitimate research into genetically modified plants to make it more potent…

BTW, G13 has been around a lot longer than American Beauty. I’m 33 and when I was in college in the late 80’s early 90’s it was around. I surmise it was potent stuff, but from what I’ve seen since 1990 to now there is much more potent things being concocted in home-grown hydroponic set-ups. Mr.Bongmaster is correct when it comes to Amsterdam and the Cannabis Cup. Having been present at the very first one in 1988 I can attest to it. And I even met Steve Hager…