The drug that worked for me was marriage. Once I got drug into it I quit because she was a non-smoker.

It helps to know about smoking and nicotine, and why many replies here recommend cold turkey. Cigarettes are a nicotine delivery system. So is the patch and nico gum. If you use the patch or the gum you are simply swapping delivery systems, albeit systems that don’t harm the lungs. But what you really want to do is eliminate your craving for nicotine, and it’s fairly easy once you get past those first three days. Nicotine has a very short shelf life in your body… 3 days to maybe 14 days. Smokers light up for another jolt of nicotine… because the body’s “supply” is disseminating. Gum and/or patch does not cure you of the craving. Google “Not One More Puff” for more information. Also… write down the reasons you want to quit so you can refer to it during weak moments.

Yes. While it’s not suitable or effective for everyone, it is suitable and effective for many people. Certainly worth discussing with your physician.

First of all, convince yourself that the idea that withdrawal is something horrifying is just not true. Yes it can make you a bit irritable and slightly uncomfortable, but not much more than that. Is withdrawal so bad that someone would rather be punched in the face than go through it? No.
Secondly, be very clear why you want to give up. I know that sounds obvious, but without it, you’ll probably fail; are you going to try and deny yourself a pleasure for the rest of your life? Or have you recognised that it really isn’t a pleasurable experience as well as being costly to your health?
Hope this helps.

Nicoderm. Norplant is an implantable long-term female contraceptive. Not quite what’s needed. :wink:

Interesting. We thought his mood swings were from quitting, but maybe it was all that estrogen.

I quit by telling everyone that I knew that I had quit, and asked them to tease me mercilessly if they caught me smoking or if my breathe ever smelled like cigarettes. It helped that I could trust some of my friends and coworkers to give me a really hard time if I did smoke.

Second of all, don’t convince yourself that it’s okay to have a cigarette every now and again.

Get bronchitis. Worked for me.

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There’s also the paatch, the ee-cigaareeettee, guuum, hypnooosis, or joining the Moormoons.

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I have heard that chewing Wrigleys Doublemint gum seems to help

Hey guys, the Op asked a serious question. Ok there was a small typo, but it’s not nice to make fun of someone for that.

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If you don’t want to be a smoker you don’t have to be a smoker.

I quit almost 3 years ago after 22 years of smoking. I just made the decision to quit and looked in to the best ways that I could afford.

Allen Carr’s **Easy Way to Stop Smoking **was at my library, so I quit for free. I followed along with the book like it said, and I haven’t smoked, nor really had the desire since that last page.
I know I know we’re like a cult. :slight_smile:

My co-worker announced that she was quitting to everyone - and for every time she smoked after that, she’d make herself donate money to the NRA (she’s a tree-hugging liberal). Worked like a charm.

He made the same typo twice; in the OP and in the title. Coincidence?

Maybe she was posting from work or someplace where references to smoking are … well … filtered.

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