Smurfin' NEWS!

I believe the plan was something like:

  1. Capture Smurfs
  2. ?
  3. Profit

Gargamel has a potion/spell/somethin’ that would turn Smurfs to gold if he had six of them

I always hated Johann and Peewee, myself.

I seem to remember that he planned to eat them. Perhaps he had different motivations in different episodes.

I always felt sort of sorry for Gargamel. Poor guy lives in a dilapitated shack wearing the same decaying robe day after day with only a cat for company.

I thought we were discussing Gargamel. Why did you insult me?

Somebody is looking at eternal damnation for that.

The best non smurf smurf reference has to be the argument that The Monarchs henchmen have/

Notable, because they were wrong. The naked mole rat is a mammal in which a single queen services the entire colony.

Therefore, Smurfs are the missing link between humanity and naked mole rats.


er, I mean SMURFY!!!

Gods, how I love this place.

I have a dear friend in Belgium who has a list of Things The World Should Thank Belgium For. The problem with this list is she includes the Smurfs. I keep telling her, No, no, the Smurfs are one of the things we forgive Belgium for because they invented the “French” fry, make such good chocolate and beer, etc. But on this point, I fear, we must agree to disagree.

I hope to smurf my younger son (now 5) will declare himself “too old” to see this movie if it ever opens here…

Your dear friend in Belgium is correct.