Snack foods and candies only in Canada

Ah, remembered what my pen pal described as closest to what he called a “Mars Bar”. Is this what you meant Horrifying Howler Monkey? If so, they are pretty common in this part of the U.S. I’m not sure about the whole of it though. It’s one of my more favorites for a candy bar, though I loved the Cadbury flake my pen pal sent me too. I’ve also tried Guylian chocolate praline shells, which one of my older brothers got us for Christmas one year. Good chocolate is hard to find in the U.S. without going online or spending a fortune or both. :frowning:

Trust me. Hawkins Cheezies are nothing like anything you can get here.

Z_C, I’ll remember to look for Cheetos. Thanks.

Meanwhile, this page reminded me of Bounty bars (coconut in milk chocolate, two pieces in the package), Pep (peppermint patty in chocolate), Big Turk (Turkish delight in chocolate), and Bridge Mixture (various things in chocolate, but no Crunchy Frog flavour, sorry), as well as a few bagged candies I haven’t seen here. Note that the store’s home page mentions that they’re right next to Tim Horton’s. How Canadian can you get? :stuck_out_tongue:

K, that’s it. You’re Canadian and you live in Seattle!? You’d best come to trivia night soon, I need someone who understands what it’s like!

Pssst, CAN-AM Exchange participants, you should email your partners to find out exactly what they can and can’t get where they are!

Oh! Henry bars can be had in the US. Bounty too. I don’t think Canadians get our “special edition” candies, like the white chocolate Reeses, or the new triple chocolate KitKat or what have you.

Canadian/British Mars = US Snickers (most popular candy bar in America, by the way)
Canadian/British Milky Way = US 3 Musketeers
American Mars Bar = renamed Snickers Almond

This is all because of some family business with the Mars family, one of the sons was sent to England to make his own way in the choco biz, and used some of the brand names for different products. Extensively chronicled in the book “The Emperors of Chocolat.”

Carry on.

Do they still make them? They did have them up here but I haven’t seen them in awhile. Not like I’ve looked, I never liked them much. My former roomie though, he’d buy them up buy the caseload; I’d come home from work to find a box or two in the fridge and wrappers scattered everywhere.

We get the white chocolate Reeses, and they’re good. Also the white chocolate Kit Kat I think, and the peanut butter and caramel Kit Kats as well.

Yes, indeed, they do. My psycho ex-friend from NB is madly in love with white chocolate Reese’s, and I liked the triple KitKat and white chocolate KitKat, as well.
Aguecheek - I’m building up my courage. Slowly. One of these days I’ll show up. You’ll know me when you hear people teasing the girl in the corner, saying “She says ‘aboot’!” And she vehemently protests: “I don’t say ‘aboot’! ‘Aboat’, maybe, but not ‘aboot’!” :wink:

And what do we get hear that you all don’t get up in Canada?

Here. HERE. Here!
[sub]You didn’t see the first spelling.[/sub]

Same idea, but not the same exactly, we have those here too and they are a little different from mars bars (not as thick I think). A mars bar is like a snickers bar, but with no nuts.

Say what? There are no nuts in a Canadian Mars bar. Snickers have peanuts.

Snickers has peanut butter too!! Or whatever that stuff is. Mmmmm…

It has been mentioned in the other candy thread, and I don’t meen to rain on anyone’s parade, but check with the post office before trying to send packaged food items. This past Christmas I tried to send a couple of choclate “letters” to my folks and was told it couldn’t be shipped. U.S customs will not allow packaged food to pass. Oddly, if it’s home made, it CAN go through. I found this odd, because it seemed much more likely that one could “doctor” a home made item with preatty much any form of nast they wanted to, but a sealed package would be tougher. U.S. Custom’s wizdom at it’s finest :rolleyes:

P.S Hawkin’s Cheezies are NASTY. I do enjoy a nice Cheeto, and this abomination is a foul substitute.

Not terribly fond of Smarties either. Please give me M+M’s instead, thank you.

And, why do Canadians get all “Cocky” about the strength of their beer?
Budwiser is Budwiser.

Carry on.

From the Chelsea vs. Celtic game here last summer: “In America, they call water ‘Budweiser’…”

Moutain Dew pop that has caffeine in it. Canadian Mountain Dew has no caffeine (apparently there’s some regulation that only cola-type soft drinks can contain caffeine).

Ugh! No self respecting Canadian drinks that swill.

Ok, that would be a Milky Way here in the U.S. then, cite. Cool. Hello Again according to that Wikipedia article, you’ve got some of the various incarnations mixed up. Phelan Snickers has milk chocolate, nougat, caramel, and peanuts.