Snail fossil?

My daughter found this cool looking, possible-snail-fossil, near Hondo, Texas (near San Antonio). Imgur link here:

Does anyone think it is indeed a snail, or have any opinions about it? She was just wondering if she could find out more (type, age, etc.).

I know absolutely nothing about fossil stuff.

Certainly looks possible to me. It could be an endocast, that is, a mold of the shape of the shell formed by sediment contained within the shell after the original shell has disappeared. Here are photos of other snail fossils from Texas.

To find out more, you would have to figure out the exact geological formation where the fossil was discovered. From this geological map,it looks like the San Antonio area in near the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in Texas.

Once you figure out the formation, to actually identify it you might have to refer to a technical publication [like this one]($(KGrHqZHJDgE+BBK0kB2BQHE2KyeR!~~60_35.JPG) at a University library, or else take it in to a University Geology Department.

Snails are very common fossils. In Minneapolis, I used to collect them on the limestone bluffs of the Mississippi. Each rock Iā€™d pick up was chock full of snails and other marine fossils!

Thank you!

If your daughter is interested in fossil collecting and geology, you might get her the Roadside Geology of Texasā€“ as I recall, it talks about some good fossil-hunting locations.

Thank you!

Definately a snail, (Gastropods). Go to to see additional examples of snail fossils in Texas. Nice find.

Either that is a snail fossil or a uneaten-for-a-rock-hard-reason example of my first-ever batches of cinnamon rolls. Snail gets my vote.