Snakes! Why does it always have to be snakes?

The Covid Loon-A-Sphere is all agog about the latest revelations concerning the origin of Covid-19 and the plandemic to poison humanity.

Retired chiropractor Bryan Ardis is the star of a new documentary, Watch The Water, in which the dots are connected in a magical way to implicate…snake venom! Yes, Covid-19, rather than being caused by a virus, is a toxic reaction to king cobra venom that has been infiltrated into the water supply, Covid treatments and of course, vaccines. The usual suspects i.e. Anthony Fauci are implicated, but it goes way beyond that to include luminaries such as the Pope and Donald Trump.

“He has suggested—citing as evidence Trump’s having attended the University of Pennsylvania, which he inexplicably describes as “mega-Jesuit”—that the former president is in thrall to the Pope, whom Ardis says is behind the snake venom plot. He also claims, among many other things, that the Rothschild family is Jesuit and funds the scheme through control of the central banking system and that the Chinese Communist Party funds its Vatican masters through mass sex trafficking.”

The conspiracy community has just now realized the shocking truth that snake venom has been used in the development of medical tests and drugs (Natural News has three dramatic exposés up on its website). You would think they’d love the idea, seeing that snake venom is a natural substance, but no. Meanwhile, the venom theory is getting venomous pushback from other Covid loon-trarians like RFK Jr.'s Children’s Health Defense and Trump supporters.

I’m still reeling from the news that the Rothschilds are actually Jesuits.

RFK Jr.'s Children’s Health Defense?

I can’t stop laughing. Definitely gonna tell my Evangelical in-laws about mega-Jesuit Trump.

That’s the beauty of it – they’re so sinister that they belong to multiple sinister groups simultaneously.

Wait, the Jesuits are in thrall to the Pope? That’s news to us Catholics.