Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

My wife and I sell stuff regularly but it can be an exercise in frustration.

The lowballers and no shows are bad but the requests for delivery are ridiculous.
We practically give stuff away, compared to what they would cost new. If you want it, come get it!

We used to be nice. Once I drove an antique mirror 40 minutes out to the suburbs only to have the buyer decide that it didn’t really match their decor. He’s lucky I didn’t smash it over his head!

No more deliveries for me.

I don’t put up with the requests to hold things or the ridiculous lowball offers. But I tolerate the “is it still available” questions. As someone who buys off Craigslist too, I know that for every person who takes down the ad once it’s sold, there are another five who don’t bother. And it’s no extra work for me - the person is really just asking if they can come take a look at the item, so just respond to them as if that was the explicit question.

I just wanted to let the OP know that I immediately caught the reference.

Me: post item worth $50-$60 for $25
Guy: would you take $20
Me: OK
Guy: I live in ______
Me: You can pick it up here ______
Guy: OK but then I would only give you $10
Me: forget it then.
Guy: You don’t want to sell it?
Me: No, I’d rather keep it, if I can’t get $20 for it.

Only direction the price is moving is UP!

You Mad, Bro? :wink:

“what’s the lowest you’ll take?”

“I dunno, what’s the most you’ll pay?”

(asking me to negotiate against myself isn’t a good start.)

“I’ll give you (half the asking price.)”

“No thanks.”

“But I’ve got cash in hand right now!”

“So what? Did you think I take credit cards or something?”

Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn’t that be a ‘long row to hoe’?

I recently listed a vehicle on CL. Here was the first response:
“I wanna buy your car”
To which I replied:
“So do it. Cash only, in person.”

I don’t play CL games.

I blame Hillary! :smiley:

Got someone coming for a car tomorrow. Weee!

That’s the first eggcorn I’ve seen “in the wild” in a very long time, maybe ever.

See post 8


Made the sale. Full price, cash in hand. :smiley:

Already regret it… :frowning: