Snapstone? Experience?

Does anyone have experience (good or bad!) with Snapstone or a similar product?

It is a “floating porcelain floor tile system,” where each tile is backed with a plastic tray that interlocks with its neighbors. It claims to eliminate the need for laying down cement backerboard and for thinset, but requires the use of a special flexible grout.

It claims it can be installed over existing flooring, making installation a one-day job, rather than two or three. (The plastic tray backing is like a grid rather than a solid tray, so supposedly that would even out imperfections in the floor.)

It seems to me that unless you were laying it on a concrete subfloor, you could expect to have a bunch of cracked grout in a year or too if this product was installed in a kitchen or similar medium traffic area. (Obviously, I am sceptical of the “flexible grout”).

Does anyone know of an existing installation of this product and can tell me about how it holds up over the years? Thanks.

I’ve never used it. My concern is that there is nothing actually holding it in place. It might work if your floors are perfectly level, but if there is any flex whatsoever, then what is going to keep the grout from cracking. Also, how do you adjust for the corners are pieces that need to be cut?