"Snarky" has jumped the snark...er...shark

Pick one:

Sleepy, Dopey, Doc…wait, what was I doing?

It’s more like “bitingly sarcastic” in modern usage.

I used to be snarky, but then I got much worse.

Now I’m boojumy, you see.


What makes me snarky is the use of the word “veggies”

Now that is fucking annoying.

Or even worse, when they spell it wrong, i.e. “vegges”:rolleyes:

I tell ya’, that really snarks my vegges.

Why? (asked in a curious, not snide way).

blowero according to the Cambridge online dictionary, you are wrong
Now I get to :rolleyes: back at you :slight_smile:

CanvasShoes I don’t know why it bugs me, but it drives me completely bonkers. I am not a opposed to slang, or funny names for things. For example, my wife and I call crepes “creepies” just to be silly.

The only reason I can think of is that my uncle, whom I cannot stand anymore since we worked together for 7 years, always used it. Maybe it was the smug, assholish-way he would roll that word about - almost as if he invented it - that ruined it for me.

I dunno, but it is an instinctive reaction, just like how I salivate when I smell jalapeno (sp?) peppers.

That makes perfect (prefect?, lol) sense to me. I am the same way about certain words. Especially if they have an evil or unpleasant past association for me.

Waitaminnit, waitaminnit, waitaminnit.

Let’s not do anything hasty here. Let’s look at the main reason this word has to stay as part of the national diatribe.

If you get rid of it, you will have no word to describe Craig Kilborn.

Every article I’ve ever read about him uses that word. I have NEVER seen it used anywhere else. If we get rid of it, journalists will have to come up with some other piece of jingo to foist upon us, and we really don’t want to tax their poor brains that much, do we?

Later this evening, we can discuss whether ‘jingo’ and ‘foist’ have ‘jumped the snark’.

  • Tygr, off to see if he can find some good foisting videos to download…

Wrong, veggie breath. I entered “vegges” in YOUR link:

I said “vegges” is WRONG, which is confirmed by your link. Perhaps you don’t know what “i.e.” means?
:rolleyes: right back at ya’.


Can you only jump the snark after you’re done hunting it?

blowero thanks I needed a good whooshing :). Here I thought you were critiquing my spelling…

and yes I usually know what “i.e. means”, smartass.

oops, forgot the :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Oh, NOW I see what happened. No, I was just agreeing with you about the “veggies” thing, and adding my comment that it’s doubly annoying when they spell it like: “vegges”. I see that a lot.

For anyone that doesn’t understand me or scribble, search for answers here


Ah… thanks for the memories.

Would you prefer instead of snarky… curt, churlish, estrogenic-devil-bitch-on-wheels-like, or, crotchety?

What we need is a :SNARK: smiley!

I guess now would be a bad time to tell you my cat’s breath smells snarky. So I won’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would prefer 1, 2, or 4, but not 3. And in case anyone asks, I don’t like “asshat” either.

I don’t either. It’s so hard to find a matching tie in those particular shades of peach and brown.