Sneaker Waves

I noticed that there is a warning today for “Sneaker Waves” on the south coast of Oregon. My question is: If sneaker waves have no known cause, how can they be predicted?

It seems to me that the warning is not for sneaker waves per se, but for dangerous ones - because the regular waves are already high, and sneaker waves are even higher.

Aftermath of a sneaker wave.

The horror.

Some years ago, I saw part of an article about the flotsam from lost shipping containers. Originally, I searched for stuff about the millions of bathtub toys’ voyages around the globe.

The serendipitous story featured sneakers that washed up many miles away. The guy said right shoes and left shoes were not equally seaworthy. He said one side is much more likely to wash ashore. Alas, that’s where I lost interest, and I can’t tell you which side that is. :smack: