Sneezing, Crying, from squeezing my upper lip?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

I’ve developed a pimple in my mustache, just below my left nostril. It’s one of the hard ones, & I tried to squeeze it to pop it.

Suiddenly, I started sneezing, then tears streamed down my face.

But it didn’t hurt! :confused:

Then, my nose started running.


Why would squeezing the place between my nostril & my upper lip cause my eyes to suddenly tear? Or a sneezing fit to happen?

Look up Cecil’s columns on things like “why does your nose run when you cry?” and the “walking into sunlight makes you sneeze” phenomenon. IIRC, i has to do with there being a whole whack of nerves in the front of your face, so stimulating one bit can inadvertantly trigger a bunch of somewhat unrelated bits.

Ah, from Cecil’s sunlight thingy:

Don’t know the specifics regarding the sneezing or tearing bit (though I’ve experienced similar reactions pulling a nostril hair). So far as the nose running goes, though, this happens whenever the eyes tear (to a greater or lesser degree). Tears leave the eye by a canal at its medial border and empty into the nose.